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Comments made by InformedCommentor

Airport Expansion Includes New Artwork

You seen to think you know a lot about the airport and all of its purported flaws. Are you a disgruntled former employee? There are very few times during the day when the planes sit in queue burning fuel. That is usually in the early morning when there is a rush to get out all the cross-country business flights.

Look, I will grant that a second runway will increase efficiency of any airport, but as was stated earlier, SDIA is not a hub, but a destination. Rapid turn-around is not as critical here. I'll make a deal with you - you find the ideal spot for the airport, convince those who are already occupying that space to vacate, and I'll join you in your quest to move our "terribly located airport." Until that happens, we need to make improvements on what we have, where we have it. Failing to do that would indeed make SDIA a laughing stock.

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Airport Expansion Includes New Artwork

Eddie89 - That is exactly what the Green Build was designed to do. The added 29,000 square feet of security check point area will allow incoming passenger to get through the TSA screening much more quickly and efficiently. The 10 new boarding gates will facilitate a much more efficient turn-around of arriving and departing planes, and allow new flights to be added, giving the flying public more flight options and destinations. One feature which hasn't been discussed much in the press is the large new "Remain-Overnight (RON) parking area for planes that arrive late and cannot depart until the next day because of our curfew. In the past, those planes had to be relocated, either by their own power or tugged, across the runway to the north side of the airport, and then be brought back to a gate in the morning. This was a very inefficient and fuel-consuming practice. Now the jets will be positioned right near the new gates and can quickly get into position to take on passengers when scheduled to depart. The new gates also feature auxiliary power units for the planes to connect to instead of having to keep the on-board APU running while sitting at the gate. This saves on fuel and reduces pollution. All of these added new features will help in making the most of our single runway airport, the second-busiest single runway airport in the world!

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San Diego Airport Reveals Some Finishing Touches On Big-Budget Makeover

OK, so which one of you self-proclaimed experts on airport planning and management is going to tell the US Marine Corps to pack up and leave Miramar? I do believe the Federal Government and its Defense Department has a little more to say about where they are going to position their assets than a city urban planner, smart or otherwise. And BTW, the city actually has nothing to do with the airport's placement. The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, as its name implies, is a County agency established by a CA state mandate. If Peking and CA_Def actually started looking at facts instead of displaying their ignorance, they might understand this. In this case, ignorance is not even bliss.

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Airport Expansion Includes New Artwork

Peking - Duck - The only thing I see as idiotic are your ill-informed and narrow-minded comments. THE PEOPLE of this fine city voted long ago NOT to move the airport to any larger location. Given that mandate, the Airport Authority has worked hard to make this, OUR airport, as efficient and pleasant an experience for the travelling public as possible. In contrast to your contention that SDIA is, or will be, "the laughing stock of the aviation world," our airport is known internationally among those who judge airports, as well as the traveling public, as one of the top airports in the world for its size and throughput. If you would set aside your attaking agenda for just a moment and actually take a look at what is being accomplished by Thella Bowens and her staff, you might be pleasantly surprised.

RegularChristian - Just and FYI, not a single tax dollar, yours or anyone else's, is used in running or expanding the airport. The airport is run as a self-sustaining business, and consistantly wins awards for its fiscal responsibility and careful management of its funds. The Green Build was actually completed on schedule and $45 million UNDER budget. Try finding that kind of accomplishment in a tax-funded project.

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