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Comments made by JAT17

Uncertain Fishing Season Ahead For San Diego-Based Boats

Although this report does discuss the traditional problem between regulations on resources and the industries that depend on these resources, it does not fully identify the locations designated by the MLPA to be reserves for fish populations. The location of these reserves is key when discussing this because many of the prime fishing locations for the “bread and butter” tuna are located much further out than the spots that are off limits because of the new MLPA regulations. Many sportfish have been pushed out of coastal waters because of heavy fishing and other factors such as pollution, which is why most fishing boats probably do not despise these regulations as much as it may seem in this report since most of the fish are located further away anyway. If anything these regulations are a great start for fishermen and conservationists alike because they are helping to preserve a diverse habitat that fosters smaller fish that will eventually make up the bulk of the catch in later years. Since tuna tend to be pelagic fish and these MLPA regulated areas are in shallower waters close to the small islands off the coast of southern California, the regulations should not have as big of an impact on sportfishing this summer as the unpredictable migration behaviors of tuna and other sportfish.

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