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Comments made by JOHNDANTICE

San Diego Water Rates To Increase In March

Water, I live and work in an agricultural community. Water is cheap here compared to most places but that does not stop us from using drip irrigation or seeking plants that are drought tolerant.
Locally, once productive farm ground has been fallowed to meet water transfer agreements. Some of that conserved water travels hundreds of miles to San Diego.

Like so many water aware people these days, news about how much and for what purpose fresh water is being used gets our attention.
For those making the effort in San Diego to reduce water consumption and be penalized makes no sense so why try?
It sounds like the price for water should be multi tiered based on water use.

Monday, January 24, 2011, the San Diego Union-Tribune page B 1 had a feature story about voting for a water front park.
"The park's highlight will be two water features on the west side of the park, extending a total of about 600 feet.....Recycled water from the county's air conditioning system would feed the fountain."
"It'll be the downtown beach, " said April Heinze, director of the county's General Serivces Department.

It is not difficult to imagine not only the thousands of gallons of fresh water required for this insane project but also the amount of water that will be lost to evaporation (water that traveled hundreds of miles). Noticeable by its abscence from the story is the information about the amount of water needed for this waste of precious water.

Adjacent to this proposed park is the largest body of water in the world, the Pacific Ocean, it should be used for that real " beach" feeling and use the fresh water for the plants.

John Dantice
El Centro, Ca
760 353 1827

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