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Comments made by JPalen

Why Is Marine Veteran Jon Hammar In A Mexican Prison?

To be honest, what I'm wondering is why the White House is creating a public petition. Why the hell would the White House need to do that? Thw White House is supposed to be the ultimate diplomatic authority for the U.S. Wouldn't a call to President Nieto in Mexico do so much better than a webpage asking for people's electronic signatures?

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Why Is Marine Veteran Jon Hammar In A Mexican Prison?

CaliforniaDefender, as far as I know, he was going on vacation, with a final destination of Costa Rica. The gun was handed down to him from his grandfather, I believe. People do this sort of thing all the time, and it is not illegal at all, so long as you check your items with Customs, which he did.

Reports are that once he followed the directions of U.S. Customs to file the paperwork and check it in with Mexico (and telling him that it was perfectly legal to do so), the Mexican police, instead of granting him approval, turned around and tried extorting money from his family in exchange for his release.

This is a case of kidnapping by the notoriously corrupt Mexico police.

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Roman Polanski: Wanted And Desired

It's disguting that anyone would sympahize with an admitted rapist who in his own words said he had difficulty seeing how what he did was wrong since he felt "no one was hurt."

She was 13 years old, Roman.

I don't care whether you fled out of fear of sentencing or out of anger that the judge appeared more interested in publicity than justice. You raped that girl, and I just can't understand such figures as Whoopi Goldberg actually having the nerve to say, " It wasn't rape, rape." Losing your wife at the hands of Charles Manson is tragic, but it is no excuse for sodomizing a 13-year-old, nor is the "drug culture" of the 1970s.

I appreciate Ms. Accomando's insight and angle, but I have one problem with this story. Namely, Polanski is not in the news lately as a result of allegations, as you say in your lede, but rather a documented confession that he ran away from.

There's a reason why most Americans only remember him running from justice. It's because they don't want excuses. As I write this comment, I can only imagine how I would feel if it was my 13-year-old daughter or sister, and it saddens me to see so many Hollywood-types come to this guy's defense.

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