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Comments made by JR2013

San Diego Police Chief Endorses TRUST Act

Just to clarify, the TRUST Act isn't an expense or program, it's a cost savings. ICE's hold requests trap people (aspiring citizens and US citizens alike) in jail for EXTRA time, at local expense - and that can add up big-time

August 19, 2013 at 5:43 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

San Diego Police Chief Endorses TRUST Act

This nation is built on the principle that all people are created equal. We need to create a reasonable immigration process for this nation, but the fact is, there is NO "line to get into" for millions of aspiring citizens. Consider the story of Juana Reyes of Sacramento, a beloved local entrepreneur who has called America home for 20 years. She was arrested for selling her popular tamales in front of a local Walmart and wastefully held in jail for deportation purposes for 13 days, all because of an ICE hold. The TRUST Act would stop these kinds of abuses.

It's also important to understand what this bill does and doesn't do. Anyone charged with a crime will, of course, fully go through the criminal justice process and be held accountable. If immigration authorities ask local jails to hold people for EXTRA time - at local expense - for deportation purposes, this bill makes sure that people with non-violent, low level offenses cannot be held. Note that even US born citizens have been wrongly swept up in these holds, and even victims of domestic violence are sometimes arrested along with their abusers and can also then fall victim to these ICE holds.

Oh, and these hold requests are 100% voluntary. As the AG has pointed out, if there were mandatory, that would be unconstitutional.

The TRUST Act makes us all safer. It's great policy, and it's great the Chiefs have endorsed.

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San Diego Police Chief Endorses TRUST Act

Great news! Chiefs Lansdowne and Bejarano are doing the right thing! We are all safer when all communities have confidence in local law enforcement, and the TRUST Act will make sure that victims and witnesses to crimes can work with the police without fear of deportation. The bill will also save local resources. Ultimately, it just doesn't make sense to deport folks today who could be on the road to citizenship tomorrow.

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