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Comments made by JWright2004

A Quaker Chaplain's Personal Account Of The War Zone

I as a former Veteran and USS COLE surviver am thankful and appreciate there hard work. I feel that the chaplain plays and important role and keep those in the military inline but also remind us that we are all human. After the cole bombing it was the Chaplain who gave us support and spiritual up lift. If they were not there I don't know how I would have coped with the USS COLE Bombing ordeal. In that ordeal though I never had a chance to really thank them so to Sheri Snively and all the many other Chaplains serving and for being there for us during a time of crisis and support. THANK YOU for supporting us, praying for us and just being there! The chaplain endure a lot and see a lot of the negatives of war but they bring Support and hope and remind us that we are human. Thank again for your service and support!

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