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Comments made by Jackb

SD Unified Considering Teacher Layoffs

i think we are missing something fundamental in the way our education system is run. teachers occupy the bottom rung of the administrative ladder only above janitorial and clerical staff. high level administrators make sometimes as much as two to three hundred thousand dollars a year while many teachers struggle with twenty to thirty thousand dollars. as glorian penner said in some other countries teachers make alot more by comparison. if you are in school administration you dont deserve to make more than the teachers. end of story. being a teach should be out highest income aspiration in the education system. any decent human being can survive happily off of fifty thousand dollars a year. they need to cap all administrators salaries at say one hundred thousand a year. if you cant save for your retirement on that you have serious lifestyle problems. just as with the town of belle many administrators give themselves bonuses and hike up their salaries just to recieve pensions that put some of the highest paid college proffesors salaries to shame. our royalty based system is a reverse pyramid with all the money going to the middle men. if being a teacher was the highest aspiration of income in the education system we would have a surplus of good teachers and could choose from the best. the extra money would allow for small class sizes as you can hire 3 teachers for the pay of one high administrator.

September 24, 2010 at 10 a.m. ( | suggest removal )