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Comments made by JackieNO

Many Layers, And S.D. Connections To Male Circumcision Debate

Of course male and female circumcision are different. Some forms of FGM are very damaging. However, the parts removed by male circumcision have more pleasure giving nerves than the clitoris has. The parts removed by the most common female circumcision are the clitoral hood and labia and that is less sexual damage than what is done to most boys in the US with male circumcision.

MGM is cutting nerves and removing pleasure zones. I find a comparison of this damage to ear piercing to be insulting. I am against all cutting of the genitals, certainly against all cutting of the genitals without the consent of the person being cut. Why does olsentm have such sexist attitudes? Why is diminishing a males capacity for pleasure OK? IS this just a matter of ignorance?

Male and female circ are pushed for the same reasons -- hygiene and looks. Looks is not a reasonable basis, particularly changing the body of another for your ideas of looks. The Hygiene basis is BS. Circ pushers occasionally do studies and try to say there is a health advantage. A Tanzania study said the FGM (labia and clitoral hood cutting) lowered HIV risk to the cut women. This was also claimed for MGM. I think these are both bogus and rely on other factors to change the risk (sexual pratices and number of partners and condom use) from about 3.2% risk to 1.8% risk. The theory is that moist places and/or the type of tissue raises HIV risk. In reality STD and HIV sttudies in 1st world countries do not show this risk change with male circumcision so it is doubtful there is a risk change for female circumcision. With male circumcision it was found that it raises the risk of HIV to the partners of the circumcised men -- this could also be true of female circumcision.

A fact that is certain is that all of these genital cutting practices remove capacity for pleasure of the circumcised. For men the loss is drastic with thousands of fine touch and stretch nerve endings cut off. For females the loss is a bit less severe for the most common FGM (labia and clitoral hood removal) and is sexually devastating for the extreme form.

Let the human have the chance to experience their natural body. PLEASE Stop all circumcision of minors.

January 25, 2010 at 12:43 p.m. ( | suggest removal )