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Comments made by Jackpost

ADD And Loving It?!

Great documentary. I just watched it. There is a cure of ADHD however. It is spiritual enlightenment. When my son was diagnosed with ADHD in 09 I realized that I had ADD as well. I reacted as described in the program. At the time the economy wasn't so good and I was laid off. I also experimented with stimulant medication which lead to a full blown mania and psychosis. I've never had a history of serious metal health issues before (except anxiety and depression). Suddenly I was slapped with a Bipolar 1 label and given drugs that I wouldn't take (Zyprexa). After months of flights into mysticism, researching and networking with other "crazies", I journeyed from Nietzsche to eastern mysticism, esoteric orders and the works. In my selfish pursuit of self I quit my job thinking that I was going to conquer the world. That ended in medication and a major depression. Since then I've grown gradually and humbly. I won't put my family before my selfishness again. Selfishness just means "ego" or false self.

I'm on a low dose of Lithium and after this spiritual emergency have come to find my true nature, free in every way. I have a great job, I'm into acting and community programs and have become a Freemason. I am not chasing anymore. There is a calmness of mind and a realization that as a "Roman I shall do as Romans do" and I will help my community in what ever way I can to bring in the shift in consciousness we are destined for. We ADDers are here for a reason and we've always been here for a reason. We pay a visit now and again when the world needs a "hero". That's why the gene has stood the test of time.

Early on in my ADD/ADHD research I read that an author traveling in India met with Drs. there and they told him that "ADD" actually means "close to enlightenment" and that its a western label. That's what grabbed me and I never looked back. Its very important to stay "current" or present. The ego hates that and without anxiety may we carry on as soldiers in the army of "God" or what ever name you prefer. Our origins are truth and love...lets make some original art! Confidence is my goal with my son. Like the documentary said...he won't have to go through what I did as a child.

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