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Comments made by JamesN

Proposition E Would Phase Out Rent Control In Oceanside's Mobile Home Parks

It's nice to know that when Grandma tries to sell her mobile home to get into an assisted living home she'll probably get pennies on the dollar.

"Hey Martha, it's your our own fault for not preparing for the future What? You lost about 30% of your retirement in the stock market? Well, you shouldn't have pulled it out. Oh, you needed it to live on? Well, the free market is like that and sometimes there are ups and downs, winners and losers. However, if you're a corporation with an army of lawyers and lobbyists you'll probably win. I hope that comforts you as the society you helped create forgets you because you aren't as productive as you used to be. I think Walmart is hiring. Isn't that a wonderful retirement plan? You get to wear a blue vest with buttons and you get to say hello to new people everyday."

I hope that 3.6 percent COLA is able to carry you off to sweet oblivion because it seems to me there are those who are actively trying to take back the promises made to seniors. The baby boomers are quickly becoming the scapegoats to a failed system that has mismanaged the future.

April 24, 2012 at 10:09 a.m. ( | suggest removal )