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Comments made by Jaquan

First Case Of Chicken Pox This Year At Santee Elementary School

The wide campaign of Metro Health Department before this school year opens is a big step towards chicken pox awareness. I read an article related to chicken pox vaccination here <a title="Vaccine plans battling an uphill war in creating nations" href="">Mistrust of vaccinations growing in developing countries</a>. Personally, it is very valuable to submit first children who will enter to school every school year since there are sickness that are contagious and one of these is chicken pox. Vaccination seems a right step to apprehend this disease since it is health threatening as well.

July 28, 2011 at 8:50 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

A Year After Gulf Oil Spill, Florida Sees A Comeback

The comeback of the beauty of beaches after the oil spill last year is now turning to a brand new start again and this is not merely in state of Florida but approximately in the different parts of states where in affected of the said spill. A year after the British Petroleum oil leak was stopped tourism increased in the Gulf of Mexico. Considering this, British Petroleum has petitioned the legal court to reduce its damages settlement. But some claim reports of the tourism rebound are inflated or deceptive. The proof is here: <a title="British Petroleum says they should pay a smaller amount as tourists come back" href="">Rise in gulf tourism prompts BP to ask for discount</a>

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