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Comments made by Jason

The Bible And Homosexuality

Eddieboy, interesting take, but check out a Harvard Study that just came on on the issue of morality and religion. Atheists are just as moral as believers. I would say that the context is not as important as the self-evidence of its being. A moral-religious person has the equal likelihood of fighting for civil rights as a non-religious moral person. The contrary is also true.

Martin Luther King Jr. was influenced by a gay atheist. His mentor was Bayard Rustin.

I think sentiment for the texts is clouding your judgement.

February 15, 2010 at 4:39 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

The Bible And Homosexuality

Regardless if it is a Bible, a Koran, a Torah, a Sutra, Dianetiks, or Little Red Riding Hood; any time that you use literature to mistreat other people, you are doing a disservice to our common humanity.

The Abrahamic religions inspire many, but at the same time, they have plenty of material inspiring heinous action. Recently in south east asia there was a case of a woman who was raped, and through the use of religious texts, she was sentenced to 100 lashes. This was not the Koran, this is Christianity.

The Bible is convenient excuse to mistreat homosexuals. We need to reexamine the origins of these homophobic traits, and the cultural artifacts which continue to drive them. For some reason homosexuality is still the flavor of choice, while other aspects of equal weight have fallen to the wayside.

Linda made a good point about how the gay-protestors don't immediately cross the street and hit up the Red Lobster.

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