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Comments made by JayPowell

Cities Weigh In On How To Replace San Onofre Power

to "Jean Marc/RegularChristian": There is a conservative estimate of 7,000 Mega Watts of roof top and parking lot covered solar electric power in San Diego County. That is over 3 times what San Onofre was producing. The electric battery and other storage technologies are advancing at a rapid rate. They will become cost competitive if we insist that the PUC have investor owned utilities (IOUs) invest in them. The PUC has told IOUs to bring on 1,350 Megawatts of storage in the next few years. If San Onofre is such a crisis for Southern California ( and we know it is clearly not a "crisis" since it has been offline for two years...), why not put the majority of that mandated storage in the Northern San Diego load pocket near San Onofre? It would help with voltage stability for the entire southern California grid and promote even more roof top and parking lot solar while eliminating the need for more polluting fossil fueled plants. Power with the Sun is the future.

January 8, 2014 at 10:56 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

California Utility Commissioners Deliberate In Public And Private Meetings In San Diego

1. Clean Tech San Diego has a laudable mission, but they are not an unbiased arbiter of information. They have taken a position in favor of at least one of the peaker power plants (Quail Brush) being considered by the PUC on March 21. That should be disclosed to listeners and views and in transcripts.

2. PUC has a responsibility and requirement by state law, Bagley-Keene act to allow the public to participate and monitor communications to the Commissioners. The law expressly forbids "serial" meetings in which a defacto quorum is created by the "round robin" nature of the meetings format. To exclude the free press, a basic tenet of our democracy, is even more egregious.

3. The document link provided listing of attendees does not appear complete, since it was stated that there would be a limit of 60 participants to the meetings and others requesting attendance beyond that number were turned away. The document lists 43 individuals. Would appreciate KPBS continuing coverage on this issue.

March 20, 2013 at 6:55 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

California Utility Commissioners Deliberate In Public And Private Meetings In San Diego

1. Please correct the transcript to show where Jim Waring is speaking at paragraphs beginning : a) " Clean Tech is not hosting this event."; and b) " Based upon existing technology you cannot have renewables...." They now identify Bill Powers as making those statements when they are recordings of Jim Waring statements.

2. Your listeners and viewers should be aware that Clean Tech taken a position in favor of the power plants, so the idea that they just want to facilitate a closed meeting with Commissioners to generally discuss and raise the issues he identifies is not credible given Clean Tech bias and stated position.

3. The PUC has violated state law by not inviting and not allowing the general public to participate, and especially by not allowing the free press -- a fundamental tenet of our democracy-- to attend and report on this so-called "stakeholder" meeting.

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