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Comments made by JayeMac

National Park Service Says Balboa Park Plan Could Risk Historical Designation

It's great to see KPBS giving some coverage to this major issue -- one of the biggest ever controversies regarding historic preservation in San Diego. Overall, KPBS' usually reliable voice and critical perspective has been conspiculously absent during the last nearly two years of public debate over whether to substantially, permanently, and probably also unnecessarily alter historic Balboa Park, or not to. Ever since the "Joan and Irwin Jacobs Fund For Reporting Excellence" has become a major force at KPBS, we seem to have lost a vital conduit for news and information pertaining to how our city runs, not just about the ill-conceived Plaza de Panama/ Jacobs Project, but about a number of other questionable deals that Mr. Jacobs and his friend Mayor Jerry Sanders have teamed up in recent years to support. It is no secret that Mr. Jacobs, who claims to be a Democrat, donates money to candidates of all political parties, even when they're running against each other. It is not a stretch to wonder if the extremely generous contribution he and his wife have recently given to KPBS is influencing their coverage of important political matters that involve him like the proposed Plaza de Panama Project, which incidentally, the public has come out to be overwhelmingly oposed to despite the pointed lack of reporting on this key fact.

May 14, 2012 at 3:37 p.m. ( | suggest removal )