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Comments made by JeanRZEJ

Review: 'Le Quattro Volte'

I loved it. Immensely. The other people in my audience weren't so enthused. A third of them stuck around 'til the end, though, so that's got to count for something.

What resonated most with me was this strange feeling of identification with the animals in the film in that their behaviors were so oddly familiar, almost human, except perhaps more inherently steadfast. Goats walk mere minutes out of the womb - no room for camera tricks. Their shenanigans are as pointless and hilarious as any toddler on a mission, albeit without the inevitable crying fit. Within this context the subsequent display of frailty by the goat was all the more impactful, it intensified my empathy in oddly unexpected way, and the inevitability of its fate would have been unbearable had the goat not soon wandered to its accompanying context facing the tree whose sturdiness couldn't be questioned after a few cuts spanning seasons barely revealing a sway, let alone a mortal weakness. If the steadfastness of the goat impressed me so - you would think that the tree would impress me more, no? And the frivolity of the human rituals that result in its death? Maybe a little bit. Maybe I'm considering eating more goat and less vegetation out of respect for the stronger living being. At any rate, I love it when a film opens up these sorts of peculiar and wholly singular experiences without dictating which form they will necessarily take. And I didn't even mention the dog! Perhaps you could infer through the ether that my favorite shot in the film was when the weakened man can no longer go on, as a steady flow of goats creates an entrancing stream of furry fluidity, and the dog recognizes his struggles and patiently returns to wait on him - all framed within the lush greenery of a narrow forest path. So wonderful. I don't want to know what those other people (didn't) saw (see).

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