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Comments made by Jeremybednarsh12

Pit Bull Attack Raises Questions Over Pet Regulations

Again skirting around the issue. I am stating I don't care about what the military does because what they do has nothing to do with the factual numbers. I ask you again to produce numbers to back up what you are saying. I have the dogs and been exposed to them for years. Do you have Pitts? How much experience do you have with them. Again before you open your mouth, I am asking you to show the stats. You again are citing isolated incidents. Show us the facts, show us the studies. You can't . Do respond unless you can prove what your saying. You call me a true believe, I am a true believer of evidence. I can show lots of fatal dog attacks that did not involve pit bulls. Akc has conducted the studies and as them published. Look for yourself. The media loves to sensationalize dog attacks and also likes to group lots of dogs into the pit bull group. Show us the studies before you say anything!

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Pit Bull Attack Raises Questions Over Pet Regulations

Like I said you quote no facts. I have done the research. I have provided you with an example and documentation to prove what I am saying. I don't care what the military does as far as housing for dogs. What I do care about is people like you try to state fact and can't back it up. Google is full of misinformation. You show your ignorance when you make statements like that. By the way according to numerous studies chows bite more people then any other dog. Do you research!

December 3, 2011 at 8:48 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Pit Bull Attack Raises Questions Over Pet Regulations

Wow, I normally never say anything, but this is ridiculous! Please , when you (Len) make a statement of fact, have some evidence to support it. Go look at the akc bite stats sheet on their website. Studies prove your statement of fact to be BS. I am a pit bull owner. I raised my dogs to be respectful of people and animals. I bring my dogs to the beach and allow them to socialize with everything from a pug to a golden retriever. I have never had any issues. Unfortunately , many people who own these dogs are punks and like to be betrayed as badasses. The problem is not the breed , it's the people. If people are going to keep throwing out misguided myths as fact, you only create more ignorance and get further from solving the problem. By the way, my dogs are around children all the time, and they love them.

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