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Comments made by Jerrymack

The Economics Of San Diego's Water Supply

I tuned in late to the program this morning so perhaps this was covered, but I had just completed reading an article on waterless urinals in the July issue of Wired Magazine. Very interesting. Huge water savings where they have been installed.

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What Will New Editor Bring To The San Diego Union-Tribune?

For Jeff Light, some ancient history: The very last UT that I read was on the morning just after the Kennedy/Nixon debate on TV. I had a subscription in those days, and I sat down at my breakfast table to read the UT that morning. The first thing I saw on the front page was side-by-side pix of Nixon and Kennedy taken from the TV debate. The picture of Nixon was in sharp focus, and showed him with his mouth slightly open, a stern expression on his face and index finger extended upward. The caption was something like, "Nixon makes point during debate....etc." The picture of Kennedy was out of focus, and showed the top of Kennedy's head as he was facing downward; no face was visible. The caption was something like, "Kennedy shuffles through papers looking for answer to......" I was shocked, because I had seen the same debate the previous night. Within minutes, I called the newspaper and cancelled my subscription forever. Regardless of personal political beliefs, no newspaper should EVER resort to such blatant yellow journalism. Thank you. --Jerry McMurry

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