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Comments made by Jesse_Hillman

CSU Outlines Doomsday Budget

After listening to the interview regarding the CSU Budget crisis, the following issues occurred to me.

First, why aren't we looking at adapting a system closer to the European Higher education system that awards an undergraduate degree in three years rather than four. English composition, history, math and cultural requirements; which are all required at the lower division level should have all been satisfied at the high school level by qualified freshman applicants. Those who don't meet these requirements have the Community College system as an means of completing these core requirements at a VERY affordable cost per credit hour.

Second, why isn't the CSU system embracing the use of Distance Online delivery of classes that are suited or even entire degree programs. These technologies are readily available. The investment return of attracting students who are not only in state, but those who would pay higher out of state tuition rates present a huge potential loss of revenue. If the CSU needs an example of successful use of these technologies, one only needs to look at the University of Maryland, University of Delaware, Penn State University, etc., etc... the list goes on and on.

Lastly, when I go out and research the salaries that are paid to the Presidents of each CSU campus, the Board of Regents and all of the "Executives" tasked with running the campuses of the CSU system, I would like to see a hefty cut in those salaries before any increases in tuition are approved. If we are going to ask the students and their families to put more skin into their education, so should the Administrators.

In closing, I would also like to comment on the impact of a 32 percent increase on the CSU system. Lest those in the Ivory Tower forget, one of the great draws of the CSU system is the low cost and value of the programs. Once the prices start drawing closer to those of private institutions or other States University systems, some percentage of parents will chose to send their hard earned money out of state to those institutions rather than to the CSU system.

With all of these options available, I find it hard to understand why raising taxes or fees is the only means the CSU and the Board of Regents seem willing to look at for dealing with budget shortfalls....

Anyone else ????

May 11, 2011 at 9:44 a.m. ( | suggest removal )