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Comments made by Jewel

Students Suffer When Deportation Tears Families Apart

If we had a system of coherent laws that allowed for orderly immigration and family unity from Mexico, many undocumented people would have the proper paperwork. People don't come here without documentation because it's fun or they have a vicious desire to flaunt the law. There aren't coherent laws for them to follow. It's usually the only way. In my family, there is one person who is the son of a citizen, the husband of a citizen, and the father of two citizens. He legally employs a citizen. Under current laws, he cannot adjust his status. Current laws also trap people on this side of the border who might move back to Mexico or keep thier families in Mexico, but fear they'll never see their family members on the other side of the border again. People who talk about "illegals" don't even know what or who they are talking about and base their judgements on stereotypes and ignorance. The undocumented person in question could be the student graduating from high school or college, could be the owner of your favorite store/business. There is a false stereotype that undocumented people are all day laborers or gardeners. (Congressman Brian Bilbray says you can tell an "illegal" by his shoes. In fact, you can't. It may be the person with the perfect English- the person you'd never suspect.)

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Protests Against Arizona's Immigration Law To Spread Across California

Most people commenting here have no idea about the realities and dysfunction of current immigration law. Many good people have tried to follow the law and find that current immigration laws are irrational. In my family, there is someone without documents. His mother is a citizen (and he supports her), his wife is a citizen, and his two children are citizens. He owns a business here legally, pays taxes, and employs an American citizen. He cannot adjust his status under current laws. He has an I-130 through his mother, but his actual residency would take 30+ years to process at the current rate that I-130s are processed. He had to make a choice between waiting 30 years to legally enter the US or cross "without inspection". There are 6 American citizens who depend on his presence and work here. He has no criminal record. He drives with a registered, insured vehicle- but with no California driver's license because he cannot get one. Immigration reform does not mean opening the floodgates. It means making it possible for a person like him to pay a hefty fine and no longer live in fear of deportation. Time for reform. And for our congressman, Brian Bilbray, to make such a racist, stupid comment that an "illegal alien can be identified by his shoes" just illustrates the depth of his ignorance about the issue. Undocumented immigrants are not all day laborers (and many day laborers have legal residency)- many people with college degrees, business owners, spouses and children of citizens cannot adjust their status. Young people who have grown up here, been educated in our schools since kindergarten and only speak English- are stuck. I teach high school, and I see so many young people who want to join the military or go to college facing a black hole. They have no hope. We need reform, not racist laws based on misinformation and fear.

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