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Comments made by JoanDick

The "Perfect Storm" Of Mexican Immigration Is Coming To An End

One of your guest today was commenting how "self centered" we all are so we don't see things the way they are. I'd like to comment that from an economist perspective, it's pretty self centered to "only" be thinking about sustaining our work forces. If Japan will need workers, maybe people will migrate to Japan.
We have a massive overpopulation problem. No one is talking about that AND capitalism is NOT a sustainable lifestyle. We need to live in balance with our earth as SHE provides life for us all. If we continue to rape and pileage her as we are, we will all face death and none of this will matter. Who cares if migrant worker is "mobile" to travel to multiple destinations for work!! I'm sick of hearing presidents talking about amnesty because they say, Americans don't want to do the jobs that the migrants will do. Well, that's not true. We just know we can't not live on minimum wage in most places and those jobs "should" be paid more money. For Mexicans to come here and live 2-3 per household and have to travel away from home all the time to work is not a quality life. E.g. We are getting crap help in places like slaughter houses because many are untrained immigrants getting paid squat and have no skills to be doing that job so the animals suffer. We need to be focusing on "quality" living, fairness in wages and training to all workers and realize we can NOT keep breeding, because the earth will NOT support that! Don't be a part of the problem by being a self centered economist and not have proper scope here. You'll feed your numbers to a gov't and just produce more fear instead of being a part of good solution. Scope, must have larger scope of the whole picture here!!!!

July 8, 2010 at 10:08 a.m. ( | suggest removal )