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Comments made by Jocelyn

Viral Showdown: Dancing Dogs Vs. Dancing Movies

That dog sure can dance for a long time. I also love that a yellow-lab, probably the most stereotypical American, Caucasian dog is doing the meringue.

September 4, 2010 at 10:14 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

More Parents Not Vaccinating Kids

The anti-vaccine proponents are condescending to those who fall prey to scare tactics supposedly put on society by the pharmaceutical companies, but yet they are being persuaded by the articles written to scare people away from vaccines. I just think it's funny, yet disturbing that people are taking this information at face value without understanding any of the science behind it. I understand that biology and chemistry are not everyones' favorite subjects, but they need to understand bodily processes before they start spouting off why immunizations are so terrible.

We can't fight off disease merely by eating healthy and exercise. Parents need to understand how infections affect the body and how they spread.

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Prop 8 Ruling, Next Steps And History Of Same-Sex Marriage

Any time someone likens the issue of prop 8 to the changes in the constitution for the abolition of slavery, those against prop 8 tend to quickly argue that this isn't a race issue. Well no kidding.

Bob Tyler brought up the argument that the ruling for prop 8 was a made up right because it's not in our nation's history to have gay marriage.

When a caller asked the question about why women were granted the right to vote, and slaves were freed even though those issues weren't rooted in our nation's history, Tyler completely skirted around the question.

The caller was not accusing Tyler of being racist, but he defended himself as the caller had. He insinuated the question was irrelevant because this isn't a race issue, and then continued to say that we are taught from day one that all are created equal, so that this couldn't possibly have to do with race.

Yes, and the caller knows this isn't a race issue; it was an example against the argument that we can't create rights just because they aren't present in our nations history.

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How Would Legalizing Pot Affect Calif. Budget, Communities?

I also can't help but deny the fact that pot is a prime reasoning for kids dropping out of school. The kids who drop out of school do so because they are unmotivated or are trying to rebel against their parents. Smoking pot is a form of rebellion. These kids would probably not do well in school anyways because they don't care with or without the pot. I know plenty of people who have made it through high school and college with flying colors while smoking pot regularly. One in particular, is so smart and can hold the most intelligent of conversation while high.

August 1, 2010 at 5:04 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

How Would Legalizing Pot Affect Calif. Budget, Communities?

So Morgan says he would rather be in a bankrupt state rather than legalize marijuana. Please tell me how we are going to enforce drug tests for 12 year-olds in a bankrupt state. Ridiculous.

July 30, 2010 at 7:47 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

"Brownouts" Slow Fire Department Response To Choking Toddler

This is a devastating story, and my heart goes out to the family. A common thread in the posts is about more people gaining the knowledge of basic lifesaving techniques.

In no way am I condemning the family for not knowing the Heimlich or CPR, but I do hope this story urges more to see the importance of learning CPR and first aid. Yes, it's not the best situation the fire departments and EMS services are in, and the public should be able to depend on them, but even if we were fully staffed, sometimes they just can't get there soon enough.

I have been a lifeguard and swim instructor for eight years and I have experienced child emergencies. CPR isn't usually the ultimate in lifesaving, but it certainly buys time until trained professionals arrive. The Heimlich, however, can actually be the ultimate lifesaving technique, if the obstruction is removed before the person goes too long without oxygen.

All parents should know CPR, as well as the older children if they are babysitting younger siblings, and especially if they are babysitting others' children. I taught CPR to jr. high students in a junior lifeguard program, and they are competent in learning the skills. There are plenty of options to take classes at affordable rates. And as a parent, one doesn't even need a certification to perform CPR on his or her own child. Ask a friend who knows CPR well enough to teach it to you.

As for state/county/city budgets for rescue workers, that's another story.

July 22, 2010 at 2:42 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Events: Survey Select, Gay Pride, And Jace Everett

Why don't we allow a generation of children to grow up with gay parents and see what happens before all the intolerant "psychics" in our society decide that children can't possibly live a happy productive life free of mental issues while growing up with homosexual parents. Any memoir written these days tells the story of being screwed by one's parents. Heterosexual parents that is. The only reason children will have issues having gay parents is because people are so ignorant on the subject the children will be subjected to uninformed, and flat out stupid comments and judgments about their parents.

As far as having a same-gender role model for children, they will find one regardless of their parental situation. What about children who don't have mothers. They find a female caregiver in and aunt, grandma, family friend, someone.

It's not fair for a heterosexual to claim we know what is necessary for parenting. The only situations we have to base our claims on are off of children from heterosexual families because that is all the world knows.

As for your question "What will they ask after that." do you mean the children or the gay couple?

I don't know what the kids will ask, and kids ask difficult questions all the time. All we can do is them them an informed honest answer. If you mean what will the gay couple ask for, well that seems that you are worried about gays asking for something crazy like access the A-bomb. I think they just want a little respect. If you really see your gay friends as equals, and they are your friends, don't you believe they deserve the happiness that others possess?

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Ten New Book Recommendations That Aren't The Lost Symbol

Yay for books! Books, books, books!!!

July 17, 2010 at 4:43 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Events: Survey Select, Gay Pride, And Jace Everett

As for the mother statement, there is a part in your comment where you talk about someone's mother being straight, whether it be mine or Constance's mother. I can't really tell by the writing of the post. The wording is very unclear and much of the grammar is incorrect.

As far as the mother nature and life argument. People of all genders and sexuality understand sex between a man and a woman is the start to a human life. But the goal of every sexual encounter is not procreation. For other mammals and animals it may be. However, those creatures also don't experience any pleasure from sex. Humans do, however, and everyone's desires are different.

Yes I'm alive because my mother and father are heterosexual. But saying someone is denied a life from homosexual sex doesn't make sense. I suppose if one believes there are fixed number of babies waiting to be born and held captive somewhere that might be an argument. But since science doesn't seem to support that belief, no one missed out on their turn for birth because of homosexuality.

As much as some people believe, homosexuality is not the end all to humans. We have plenty of humans if you don't believe just look at San Diego County. They had to instate water police because there is only enough water for about 1/3 of the people living there.

By giving gays their deserved rights this will not turn straight people gay. As tolerance rises, more people will probably become more open about their sexuality. But by knowing gay people you, I, and many other heterosexuals have not suddenly turned gay. It's not contagious. It's just how we are wired.

Maybe mother nature didn't intend on everyone having kids. There are heterosexual woman who can't have children. Should we tell them they can't get married because they can't reproduce. A bigger problem will probably be that we will soon have more sterile girls as a side affect to the growing rate of anorexia.

Bottom line. Mother nature is still in control, nature is a very, very, powerful force. Just read a Frank Norris novel. No one, not even homosexuals have the power to take down nature.

July 17, 2010 at 4:21 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Events: Survey Select, Gay Pride, And Jace Everett

I'm not a lesbian Rafael had you read my post you A. could have spelled my name correctly, and B. you would have noticed the pronoun that I use is "they." However, I really have no idea what any of your post is actually saying. I get that you are suggesting hetero's unite, but I think we already do that enough. And lastly all of our media is about heterosexuals because that is who essentially drives the media. However, it's just not labeled as Heterosexual because it instead is seen as the norm. I'm also not sure why I'm defending myself to a very ridiculous argument.

Fun fact for Borego: Many in the Shakespeare and literary community propose that Shakespeare was gay.

July 16, 2010 at 6:53 a.m. ( | suggest removal )