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Comments made by Jocelyn

Events: Survey Select, Gay Pride, And Jace Everett

I can't speak for anyone's expression of sexuality, but it doesn't seem they are trying to be vocal about their sexuality but about their rights as human beings. Why do some heterosexuals have to be so vocal about their opposition to a homosexual lifestyle?

July 15, 2010 at 2:43 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Books: What Are Your Favorite Children's Books?

The American Girls series was probably my favorite in third grade. I wanted to be Kirsten. I wanted to ride a horse through the prairie like her. Learning to ride a horse in Southern California suburbia didn't quite live up to my expectations that I got from books.

Fourth Grade: The Babysitter's and all the California historical fictions books we read in class.

In fifth grade I loved anything written by Yoshiko Uchida. She wrote Jar of Dreams and other young adult books about Japanese American families in California.

When I was really little a picture book called Goose Eggs was my favorite but my mom wouldn't read it to me because it was too long. My second choice were fairy tales and Mother Goose.

June 28, 2010 at 2:45 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Joel P. West And The Tree Ring Perform In Studio

I hope I can get a CD soon.

June 24, 2010 at 6:07 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Documentary Attempts To Lift The Curtain On Prop 8

I also apologize for being rather defensive.

June 23, 2010 at 9:57 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Documentary Attempts To Lift The Curtain On Prop 8

Janejaneboane. I find it funny you feel you know enough about me to insinuate that I have no clue about opposing sides and that I don't listen to NPR to learn about other perspectives. I also find it funny that you seem to have no desire to look at the situation from another perspective either.

I also have read the entire Bible. I'm a Christian and I have studied the cultural and social context of the Bible. Please do not tell me what I do and do not know. Don't call me naive for seeing things a different way than you.

That is all.

June 23, 2010 at 5:22 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Documentary Attempts To Lift The Curtain On Prop 8

And one more thing. It is completely wrong to use the example of three cases where members of the LGBT community who filed a legal case due to discrimination. There will always be people who are pot-stirrers who try to create uproars regardless of religion, gender, age, sexual preference, race, etc. Those people who filed those claims are probably just looking for attention like any other person who goes after ridiculous lawsuits.

I was really moved by this article and just wanted to post my thoughts as many other people have. It is unnecessary to go around picking apart everybodys' comments.

June 23, 2010 at 12:12 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Documentary Attempts To Lift The Curtain On Prop 8

Well, Janejanebobane, churches have the responsibility to serve others, or that is what I have always been taught by the church. And last time I checked banning gay marriage isn't meeting anyones' needs.

June 22, 2010 at 11:54 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Do We Still Need Payphones?

In eighth grade my middle school removed the payphone located outside the school office. This was the beginning of the cell phone craze. I actually got a cell phone that year for my birthday because I have an overprotective mother. This was in 2002, which I feel was a little early to be taking out payphones as many students didn't have cell phones yet. Actually, students weren't even allowed to have cell phones on campus yet. I just kept mine hidden in my backpack.

June 22, 2010 at 1:49 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Documentary Attempts To Lift The Curtain On Prop 8

By the end of the video trailer of I was in tears. I suppose I will be completely dried out by the end of the entire documentary. I wasn't expecting to cry or in a particularly emotional state, but I can tell this movie tugs at ones' heartstrings, and I can tell the film makers are extremely passionate about the subject. I spent all of my high school years in an Evangelical church, and I spent most of my high school years socializing with the LDS students at my high school. I also attended church with them occasionally.

Why did I hang out with the Mormons so much? I'm an only child with parents on their way to divorce. I loved being around their big united families, and I commend their family values, as family values are pertinent.

However, gays dismantling the entire family structure, I doubt it. The scare tactics that the LDS church, and all Christian churches use to deter their members from siding with gay civil rights issues is what is an abomination. The point that the fear and hatred towards homosexuals has more of an affect on family relationships is incredibly relevant and eye opening.

What also disgusts me is the money poured into these campaigns. Churches have so much power, and have a higher responsibility.

I also, do not appreciate many Christians questioning my beliefs and faith in Jesus Christ due to my attitudes towards LGBT rights, and the love I have for those in the LGBT community.

June 22, 2010 at 1:46 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

One Book, One San Diego Wants Your Input For Next Book

Actually, if we get to propose any book, I propose a Prayer For Owen Meany because it is my all time favorite, and I'm always trying to get people to read it.

June 16, 2010 at 8:49 p.m. ( | suggest removal )