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Comments made by JoeG9100

The Impact of California's Biggest Tax Revolt

I don't think removing Prop 13 is a good answer to California's problems. House evaluations are just too High. Sure you may pay only one and a quarter percent But that is a Lot! As an example I have a house in Austin TX we pay about 3%. However it's an old house (1970) On a 1/3 acre in 36 hole golf course area inside city limits so it is rural bur still in a city. So what would a similar neighborhood cost in say Rancho Bernardo or Saratoga or Los Altos? I bet you will be paying more than 8 K a year on a similar 2700 sq. ft house. So taxes are high. That's if you coming in of course,if you have been there 30 years that's where Prop13 is unfair. No one said Prop 13 is all that good for the residents. To remove it some folks Tax bills may go from 11K to 30K. If they are still making a house payment you could end up in foreclosure. Not to mention the effect of increased taxes will have on property values. Ca. Government is huge so huge it could almost function as it's own country. They need to cut back the government itself. To the bone if they have to.

March 2, 2010 at 11:07 a.m. ( | suggest removal )