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Comments made by JoeRyan

Election: California's Gubernatorial And Senate races

Here's why the GOP/jewish mafia and their cohorts can't let you know about my candidacy. Then you might find out I was out on trial for my speech after being kidnapped by supporters of Duncan Hunter. The ACLU ran and hid from the case, so I whipped Dumanis with a jury brief I composed without their help.

While I was writing the brief linked to here, wherein the constitution was under a very novel and sustained attack by the local jewish prosecutor, the ACLU sent 42 lawyers to a detention center, to uphold the rights of a ms-13 La Raza gang member who entered the USA 7 1/2 minutes a go. But first they sent a team of lawyers to Arkansas to fight for a member of their diversity army, who threw a fit at Wallmart because she had to wait for other customers to check-out. Meanwhile, white, non-jewish congressional candidate kidnapped twice and put on trial for 7 months with a statute that didn't apply (on it's face): No Problem!

The jewish mafia is going to try and break America with the bolshevik-diversity army they lead. They must be stopped. Stand up to Penner, Casuto, Jacobs, Sanders, Dumanis, and the whole gang of thugs running San Diego. Jews are veoting the candidacies of non-jews. The tables need to be turned, since this is simply an Ashkenazi crime gang hiding behind a religious front, vetoing candidacies of anyone who opposes their beloved liberalism, their beloved globalism, or Israel.

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Election: California's Gubernatorial And Senate races

Mary Cavanaugh said, "Independent voters. This is a powerhouse. 20% of voters in California are undeclared voters". "If you are going to pull in the Independent voters, you’re going to eventually go to the middle".

Especially when the Independent candidate in the race loses viability because gatekeepers like Walsh, Cavanaugh, and Penner have no respect for our Democracy or the people who fought for our rights and died in foreign lands, 'decide' they will simply eliminate one candidate or another by denying them airtime given to all the other candidates. They would be fired in a heartbeat by Morriss Casuto and his gang if they allowed me to speak my views like other candidates. Gloria Penner isn't running for anything, but she dribbles on for hours with her opinions about every subject under the sun; but there's they don't have 2 minutes to let the listeners know the views of an independent candidate running for congress. Then again, I'm not Jewish or Mexican, or a neocon in service of Israel, so my voice doesn't count in America anymore. The freedom loving zionist have kept the lid on my existence for two years. When I ran for office I knew I had to beat Duncan Hunter. I didn't know I had to beat Hunter and the whole freedom squashing, rights destroying jewish mafia at the same time. What a town.

It's called kpBS for a reason.

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