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Comments made by JohnBoulderCreek

Lawmaker Wants Law to Ban Carrying Unloaded Guns Openly in Public

Here's why I feel this "Law Maker" is a traitor and should be tried as such. She is violating her oath of office by attempting to subvert the Constitution. These times are disconcerting. America is no longer viable as we no longer manufacture, we now consume. We consume and buy then consume and buy more from viable countries like China, sending what's left of our wealth outside our leaky borders leading to our own looming economic collapse. Economies around the world are collapsing yet Americans seem to feel we are insulated by our birthright and America's might! Career Politicians "Lead" and "Make Laws" instead of represent. The 2 party's dominate our legislature as corporations and corrupt groups like the sierra club and the brady campaign lie to us and pull their strings. The "Oath of Office" means nothing to those who symbolically take it and they have no intention to "Preserve and defend our Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic". We as Americans have become complacent and apathetic, doing nothing to serve our civic responsibility and expect a free ride. Our Constitution is the only thing which will save this country yet so many seem to view it as a relic languishing in some museum in Washington. The fact is, guns are what freed us over 200 years ago and are what keep us free today. The ability to protect our states from the federal government and foreign invaders and ourselves from violence as well as providing the ability to feed ourselves is why the second amendment was adopted. We have forgotten that we rule ourselves not the government! We are not safe and never have been. Liberty and freedom are not safe nor easy and to forget these facts will only hasten our demise as a nation. Our culture should harken back and embrace our history but “No Child Left Behind” forces our children to parrot the “Progressive” curriculum crafted by those who should represent us! There are going to be some very hard times ahead and to willingly give up our ability to defend ourselves, our state and our country is folly! The Supreme court has ruled that the individual (That means you!) has no right to protection by the police or the government. “Public Safety” is a very subjective term, easily twisted to mean controlling the public. We cannot rule if we are controlled kids so learn what critical thinking means and vote accordingly while we still can. We should not fear guns, we should keep and bear them. So educate yourself and excercise your right because if we loose that one the rest shall fall as has every civilation before us. We cannot consume forever!

March 16, 2010 at 8:36 a.m. ( | suggest removal )