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Comments made by JonBoy

Americans Head To Mexico For Cheap Dental Care

I personally been to Tijuana about 6 times for dental work and it went great. At first I went to a nicer more modern looking dentist there and then I went to one of the less pretty looking places and the prices are even better. For example $20 for consultation, xray and to have a old filling removed and refilled with with porceline. A crown at the nicer place was $300 but the other new place I just found is $150 :)

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Do You Have Anything To Report From The Earthquake?

I was at the SD zoo and was at the new polar bear exhibit and thought oh no I better move away from this glass thats holds them in and all this ice cold water. It was kind of exciting but I really felt for those on the sky safari tram ride as it shut down immediately and they had to stay up there for at least 20 mins looking down to a long fall. I hope I'm not on my motorcycle going fast on the freeway when the next big one hits.

I heard on weekend edition how we pump out from the earth billions of gallons of oil per day and wonder how that must effect the earth. We use it to lubricate to prevent friction and wonder why God has it there in the 1st place...maybe to lubricate too the plates. We sure are getting a lot earth-wide recently.

Disasters Are Nearing Their End

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Evaluating California's Sex Offender Laws

They need to pass flyers out to the local neighborhood or put a neon sign in their yard as not to many people search the website for a sexual predator especially children. This will make all those more cautious locally. Also neon bracelets too or something like that when in public at least until they change if possible.

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Bumper Stickers Wax Philosophical in New Book

We all know how dangerous motorcycles are and constantly hear of them in accidents, tying up the freeway commute, so on the back of my cycle... to help others tolerate me and my driving (weaving, speeding, lane splitting, etc.) I have a bumper sticker prominently displayed that shows, I believe in and support organ donation and am willing to donate mine, in which the odds are increased in the case of all cyclists. The sticker reads," You have the power to donate life", then the Donate Life Logo. I have found now that other drivers are more tolerant of me now and less rude or apt to get road raged at me. :)

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Chelsea King's Case Raises Doubts About Megan's Law

I will comment more later but this just came in and I wanted to share it before I go to work....

Why Child Molesters Are Treated Leniently, Today at Noon on AM600 KOGO

Why can't they say, "Parole: DENIED"?

Dear Jon,

The Chelsea King case in San Diego has once again raised the issue of known sexual predators "falling through the cracks" of the justice system. Instead of being locked away for long sentences, there are too many times that judges and parole boards treat them more like petty thieves than the horrendous offenders they are. Why is that? I have a strong opinion, and I'll share it with you today at Noon on AM600 KOGO.

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Great Food Scenes From The Movies

Hello I commented on the radio but what I wanted to say here was if anyone is interested in some free fresh fish, and I mean caught just hours ago and iced immediately, then contact me. The reason is I'm not much of a cook but I like to fish when I get off work at Sunset Cliffs/La Jolla. All I ask is a plate in return.

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Slow Food Movement Aims To Change How We View Food

I'm one of those guys who has a nice plot of land but not much time to work it. It's in great shape now waiting to be planted. I liked how it was mentioned about share-cropping so if you are interested let me know at I live in National City.

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