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Comments made by JtheO

Photographer Invades Privacy For Her Art

You can read my comments about Iverson's work on (same username: JtheO), but if you'd rather not, and that's understandable since there's such a sea of negativity there, I take Iverson as just what she is: an artist.

Queen Elizabeth famously cautioned people to "beware of artists," for they talked with all classes of people about ideas and are "dangerous." Artists today do, and say, and make things that cause viewers to re-think everything. The over 100 comments over at Studio 360, most of them vilifying Iverson for violating <fill in the blank> will survive into the digital future as evidence of the depleted nature of American society. One of the neutral comments on Studio 360 cited a Japanese photographer who told the subjects to "stand in your doorway or your window and I will be by at night at 10 PM and photograph you....if you wish not, just close your door or shade." While Iverson didn't take that measure, I still think she is genius........

I'd rather have dinner with Iverson, than the hoard of whiners over at Studio 360 who strut their sense of entitlement and self righteous indignation over some imagined breach of law and privacy.

Art saves. Law rarely does. Entitlement never does.

October 10, 2011 at 9:01 p.m. ( | suggest removal )