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Comments made by Julia

County Supervisors Discuss Ways To Increase Local Food Stamp Enrollment

In Conclusion...Do not increase enrollment, Decrease our need to be DEPENDENT...and help those of us who want to be independent again.

December 10, 2010 at 12:19 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

County Supervisors Discuss Ways To Increase Local Food Stamp Enrollment

This is our system in government, an imbalance created by paying to much attention to one group and less to another. All men are not created equal, and should not be treated equally. Some people study harder, work harder, dream bigger, love move, give more, and they deserve more, and then there are people who do not play life at all and give nothing or put nothing into life and they deserve the same as the latter? However all men should have equal opportunity! A big difference!
When i walked in to that office, i was looking for assistance not a handout, but you if you listen to the conversations in line, you hear how they play the system. The System does not need anymore band-aids, and neither do I. The way its set up now, is one big band-aide. Who is the bleeding heart imbecile that wants to add a coffee shop to the offices??? To make it more attractive to people to get assistance? Swallow your damn pride, like i did and get down there. How does that help anyone.? Coffee? Seriously? What happened to the Chinese proverb..."Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime".

Solutions: I asked for all this, and it dose not exist...
1. Provide childcare, so we can get a job, and on our feet.
(get this dichotomy... childcare only exists for people who qualify for cash benefits, and in order to qualify for cash, you basically need to be completely broke...)
2. Hire, Train, and assign career coaches for us. (Hint... Hint...)
3. Give tax incentives to companies for hiring people on assistance.
-Thanks to Harry Reid NV-D we had to pay the govt a business activity tax...25.00 a quarter per head. How about creating that in reverse, thereby creating balance. Democrats get their tax money, Republicans get their business tax advantages, and government saves $$$$ by low govt assistance and low unemployment rates.
4. Create a city level grant for ex-business owners that syndicate, and hire people on assistance.
5. Job-fairs for former executives.

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County Supervisors Discuss Ways To Increase Local Food Stamp Enrollment

A coach of mine in so many words once said "It is gossip, blaming and complaining, if solutions aren't provided".
I am a former business owner, home owner, wife and "full time" mother of triplet four year old girls, and leadership coach. I moved here a year ago from Las Vegas. I had owned/operated several other businesses prior to my construction company. This construction company was directly linked to the home improvement industry, and discretionary dollar. In 2008 when the housing industry in Las Vegas tanked so did my business, which only added to the stress of a new family of multiples.
I have been searching for work, any type. I hear objections such as, "Whats to say you wont open a business a year from now"?, "Over qualified" , and "No degree". What am I going to open a business with? I have down played my resume, several times. Degrees and Certificates for what life and my businesses have taught me? Here is an eye opener... when i wait in line at the El Cajon office, I am the minority. Caucasian, Former business owner pending an 800,000 dollar bankruptcy, former middle class single mother.
Balance is what I have learned being a mother of triplets. My girls are individuals with individual needs. One girl needier than the other two. What I know to be true, is if I pay too much attention to the neediest one the other two suffer.Creating an imbalance.

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