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Comments made by JustKristin

Obama Passes On High Tech High

"Obama Passes On High Tech High"? "A San Diego charter high school today fell short in its effort..."?

I am sad to see that, of all news outlets, KPBS has missed the point of President Obama's Commencement Challenge. The seniors at HTHI did not get "passed on", nor did they "fall short". The final results of the President's challenge can be looked at from a realistic standpoint, which would put the deliberations of the Administration well beyond the realm of a simplistic rating of one school as "best", or from an idealistic vantage, in which all the schools involved can be said to have "won" simply by going through the edifying process of deeply considering their education and discovering how it is both excellent and improvable.

To make it sound like the President has voted HTHI off some competitive island is to insult the purpose of the challenge - note it is called a "challenge" and not a "competition". Furthermore, to insinuate that the students of HTHI have somehow failed is to belittle all they and their teachers have accomplished. They have not fallen short, but risen above.

I assume that, as professional journalists and writers, you can come up with more appropriate wording than that used in this article. A bit of respect for all those involved, then. Both the Commencement Challenge and the students of HTHI deserve it.

May 11, 2011 at 5:35 p.m. ( | suggest removal )