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Comments made by KM

Mayor, Councilman Faulconer Propose Major Change To City's Pension System

In response to the union reps comments during the show:
1) re: workers haven't been getting pay raises lately. I don't know whther that's true or not but they get around that by giving each other "merit" increases
2) re: blaming private contractors as being expensive - three years ago I was brought in as a private contractor to assist an SEIU City management employee who was managing a farily simple program by himself. It was believed the program was not performing well and needed extra help. Within a short time after starting I think I provided enough information that showed the City employee was doing a less than substandard job and he was subsequently removed from the project and I finished the project in a timely manner and met the goal of the program. Yet he got to stay on doing who knows what (proably nothing) getting paid for another 3-4 months until he retired with his full pension. I find this really insulting. The administration cost of this program was probably twice as high as it should have been and the employee got his full pension with no penalty for his less than poor performance.
3) How about the recent article about the City employee who stole $74K from the Parks & Rec department who will still get a pension?
4) How about the article from a few years ago the Reader did about the 34 employees at the dysfunctional Real Estate Department? The mayor covered for them by blaming it on "bad software" the emploees had to work with. I worked for a major national retailer for several years that managed 500 properties (more than the City has). The real estate department consisted of 6 people.
5) Maybe KPBS could do a show and let the public call in about their experiences (good or bad) interacting with City employees from various departments to gauge whether the employees are deserving of their generous benefits packages

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