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Comments made by Kapich

San Diego Dismissed As Defendant In TMD Lawsuit

Council President Gloria and all city council members understand the value of tourism industry - from 160,000 jobs that can't be outsourced to $18 billion in economic benefit. The self assessed TMD raises $150 million plus in TOT that supports city services. Good for council and TMD in working together to benefit all San Diegans!! Get the facts at

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Filner And San Diego Hoteliers Clash Again

It is a fee, a self assessment that is collected for tourism marketing of San Diego. Get the facts

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San Diego Hoteliers Win First Court Battle Against Filner

Clarification. While the district is set up for 39.5 years, there is a 5-year operating agreement between the City and TMD. It is this 5-year agreement that the Mayor hasn't signed. Essentially his request to have a shorten deal is already done. The City has oversight of the district, it performs audits and receives an administrative fee. It is a good public-private partnership to grow tourism in San Diego.

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City Council Shows Strong Support For Tourism Marketing District

This is a public-private partnership. Get the facts at Transient Occupancy Tax was established in 1964 solely for tourism promotion. As the City needed more general fund monies to pay for pensions, police, fire, they struck a deal to keep 100% of TOT for the general fund. The City partnered with tourism to create the Tourism Marketing District so that a self-assessment could raise marketing funds to promote San Diego. The TMD was approved for 39.5 years with operating contracts (requiring the Mayor's signature) of only 5 years. All destinations must market to attract visitors - look at Las Vegas who spends $90 million a year in media and Los Angeles with $14 million. Support our 160,000 tourism jobs.

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