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Comments made by KatrinaAnon

California Attorney General Appeals Judge's Ruling On San Diego County's Gun Rules

What is interesting to me is that the state is seeking to deny citizens a right to self defense. The long and short of it is just that. This is especially true when you look at Orange County with a population almost 3/5 of the state of Louisiana and having only a few hundred licensed to carry and Louisiana's being measured in the thousands.

The other truth is that despite the huge uptick in gun ownership violent crime is dropping. While gun numbers increase then why are violent crimes going down? The people pointing at Missouri's relaxation on gun laws that ome people have pointed to as contributing to higher gun deaths did not compare those numbers against the rate of increase when the restrictive laws were put in place...those were higher.

You also have people who want to argue the civil right of self defense needs to be removed in the interest of public safety. The question one might ask is whether you might get more bang for your buck by removing your 4th & 5th Amendment protections. If police did not have to get warrants and you had to answer truthfully no matter what it would be a lot easier to criminals off the street.

However, I think it is obvious that CA has a very liberal conceal carry law. Thousands are carrying firearms concealed every day when they go to work...but those are the criminals!

February 28, 2014 at 2:37 p.m. ( | suggest removal )