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Comments made by Katt

Pedestrians, Bikes To Take Over Streets Sunday For CicloSDias

I was wrong. I am an older resident along the route, and I was not thrilled with the inconvenience the event was causing. I must admit my mistake. The public good outweighed my inconvenience. The portion of the event I saw was (for the most part) well run. There were a few bugs, and that is not unexpected for the first run of an event this large.

The portion of the event along my neighborhood section was well attended, well behaved, and a very happy event. There were folks and critters and every possible wheeled conveyance, and everyone was smiling.

Families were out together walking and riding. There were extended families. It was a beautiful day, and people were exercising in the fresh air. It was a free event, and I understand there were various stations along the way with goodies - watermelon in one place, ice cream in another, and water in many places.

I had the opportunity to speak with many participants, and a good many either lived somewhere along the route or were regularly in one of the route areas. There were others who would not have come to the neighborhood if not for this event, and they were all united in the fun they were having.

Having seen the event, I must admit my incorrect preconceptions, and congratulate the planners, the donors, and all the volunteers. What a pleasant surprise, and I will try to approach the future with my mind open and positive.

I expected some of the critical mass bad behavior, or the drunken antics of the Tour de Fat group. Today was NOT the destructive / entitled / aggressive element. This was friends and neighbors, and everyone got along - happily. What a treat!

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Pedestrians, Bikes To Take Over Streets Sunday For CicloSDias

Oh Goody. I can't get in and out of my own neighborhood. There is only one major street, and the city decides to close it FOR OUR BENEFIT? I wish I could stay away from this event, but I live in the middle of the block on a closed street. My car is already parked a couple of blocks away so it won't get towed, but I am disabled and cannot get to and from the parking place. I am stuck.

I will be stuck again in a few weeks when a Colorado brewing company hosts their bicycle ride through our neighborhood. I am really looking forward to 3000 drunks on bikes in the neighborhood. Last year they were kind enough to leave the streets full of trash.

The bus will be rerouted and the signs are at the bus stops saying there is a service alert, but what is the new route? That is not posted, I feel sorry for the folks that have to try to get to work.

I hope none of the churches along the route are hosting weddings or funerals. it will be difficult enough for folks to get to their Sunday service, let alone special events.

The bike vendors along the way might be happy, but I bet most of the other shops will not be so glad. It is difficult enough to get into the neighborhood and park on a good day, let alone a day with the only through street closed.

If you want to close the street and make it friendly for the people, do it on the nights of a walkabout. We host them four times a year. On those days, the sidewalks are jammed and folks are overflowing into the streets.

I hope this is nothing like the Critical Mass rides. Those folks are rude. The fan out and completely paralyze the neighborhood. They ride with horns, whistles, and assorted noisemakers so they get every dog barking and disturb every household along the way.

If you have to do it again, could you pick a neighborhood that has more than one major street please?

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