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Comments made by KeepYourChinUpGuy

Mayor Sanders Applauds President's Same-Sex Marriage Decision

Civilized Discourse. Presidential Media Order on Homosexuality 2012/May
Recently Barack Hussein Obama has also echoed these sentiments, calling for reductions in population and an increase in homosexuality..

Taxpayer funded Government Discipline and hard work has rewards. The White House homosexuality discussions and decision political analyst-driven theme park making process has achieved full frontal fruition and been rewarded by Presidential and Mayoral homo-eroticism masterpiece completion of President's Same-sex Marriage Decision.

Laying North America's cornerstone for a WHAAC--Widespread Homosexuality Acceptance & Approval Committee foundation. Consider CHPCA--Covert Homosexuality Population Control Agenda benefits. PD--Population downsizing utilizing HMMTs [homosexual mindset modification tactics]. A middle road play or ploy-as-you-go philosophy, no puns intended. Signed? Approved by the 1st Kenyan-American President of the United States.

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Without Family To Lean On, One San Diego Student Is Determined To Thrive

KPBS's Kyla Calvert, Courtney Medlin, and the Scripps Ranch High School Faculty are to be commended on their wonderful story. Let it be a positive inspiration/encouragement to all that view it! "Sleeping in class" issue may be resolved by more sleep and proper diet. yes? edited for "civilized discourse" : )

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