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Comments made by Kevin

S.D. Council Appoints Medical Marijuana Task Force

If you are going to leagalize this then use the profits from it to fund take care of the addicts that it helps make.

October 8, 2009 at 2:07 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

S.D. Council Appoints Medical Marijuana Task Force

Why aren’t the active ingredients in this evil weed being extracted and sold as a pharmaceutical! It has already been proven that smoking the stuff causes cancer. I am very familiar with its effects and what it does to memory and cognitive ability which is a criminal offense to anyone taking it! The only reason this should be used, is to give someone who is already on his way to being a vegetable some pain relief.

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Prison Crisis: Parole, Rehabilitation, Reentry

This discussion is completely in denial. Men and women in prison have human rights to food water and shelter nothing more. What needs to happen is that we strip down prisons to high wire electric fences with a water trough and food trough, with sheds to get out of the weather, and straw for these sorry excuses for humans. All any criminal deserves is clean straw once a day and a meal similar to what we feed our livestock and pets. The only things our prisons are benefiting are the psychologists and the rest of the infrastructure involved in building, and supplying these hell hotels. This will do away with big business being involved and promoting prisons. What our educated idiots want you to believe is that people who don’t follow the moral code of or civilization deserve civil rights. No, people who ignore civil laws don’t deserve them!
Prisons are places that you want to avoid, not places to be rehabilitated. The schools are supposed to be teaching people how to succeed in life. Once we strip the prison keepers of their endless budget we can use the money to focus on teaching people how to succeed in the first place!
But we all know that the liberals always need someone to feel sorry for so they will never teach people how to truly succeed. The Constitution states that we are all created equal. It isn’t the indigent that are pulling us down it is the educated idiots that artificially put themselves above the common working class that create this illusion of so called civility that we live in today.

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Prison Crisis: Parole, Rehabilitation, Reentry

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October 8, 2009 at 1:57 p.m. ( )

Political Analysis: The New Fear Of Socialism

There is no fear of Socialism here in the USA it is just a fact of life now. Neither one of the Consumer Protection Agencies, nor any government program is showing successful statistics towards real social benefit! Why do you think socializing medicine is going to be anything different? Welfare programs are all supposed to be designed as temporary measures when a person has no other options; but welfare has become a way for liberals to create pseudo sympathy for people who need to face up to their own necessities which is the mother of invention. Giving individuals endless handouts doesn’t benefit individuals, it feeds the parasites who re-distribute the funds which rarely get to the person it is intended to serve. I agree with one thing being said here and that is that Republicans are as guilty of socialism as Democrats, and oligarchy is the tool which drives it all. History shows that a form of totalitarianism soon follows once socialism takes power.
Strong individuals, schools and government that fairly reward those of us who stand on our own feet and don’t rely on social programs are the foundation of true civilization. Without those of us who are completely independent there would be no social programs! Socialism is the over burdening of the individuals to benefit the mob; this is exactly what is happening here in the USA now. The real solution to all of this is to put all government run programs and funded departments on merit, and fund them only if they are showing successes! The other thing that needs to be done is to completely get rid of insurance and let the free market dictate trade between doctors and patients. A lot of doctors are already refusing to take insurance because of the dictating factors that inherently exist; if you think government run healthcare is going to be more honest and less abused you are dreaming. Those of you who have government funded healthcare already know how easy it is to be a hypochondriacs and abuse the system because you have no necessity to take care of yourselves!

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Recent Hate Crimes Prompt Community Summit

One other thing! If the schools would have been doing good character building instead of self esteem building (which is another word for narcissism training) and brain washing then we would have men, and women in the society who knew their true places, and values which would make mute these social problems! Here we have a couple of Caucasian women and Gloria giving lip service to a subject that they have helped create over the past 30 years. What I want to know is what Gloria and KPBS are going the do about the racism that breaches our southern border everyday in which they condone?

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Recent Hate Crimes Prompt Community Summit

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October 3, 2009 at 11:15 a.m. ( )

Recent Hate Crimes Prompt Community Summit

I am really tired of the media and education system coming up with these coined phrases like hate crime to overshadow the real problems. The reason there is so much hate between the races, and genders is because it is bred in the failing Prisons and public schools who continue to ignore the difference between confront and affront! You can’t muzzle and suppress people from their natural tendencies! If you want people to flatten their reactive natures and buttons about race, gender, etc., then you need to sit then down across from each other as individuals and teach them to actually confront, and to be able to be anywhere without assuming prejudice! The best place to do this is in the Department of correction and the public schools; but because the psychologists and teachers want to secure their job security and play god, and manipulators they refuse to implement the programs that exist to train and discipline all criminals and public school students in the discipline of true confronting. The society practices the arts, athletics, militarism, but when it comes to the basis of confronting the problems with all misunderstanding which is confront; the system ignores the tools available to resolve this problem. I have worked for 30 years as a laborer and by the grace of god I have amassed a small fortune which I hope will continue to support my independence, but every day I see the governments rewarding criminal behavior and giving me nothing but taxes for succeeding as an independent. I succeeded by not going beyond what I could pay for at one time. Those of you who are in a hole now are their because of one thing, and that is your lack of prudence towards securing your own futures. No one needs to feel sorry for anyone who continues to breed when he knows he has not earned the right to call himself civilized! You don’t breed if your individual future is not secured! Now I am being forced to make compensations to lawyers, judges, school teachers, the indigent, and Politian’s and the rest of you who make excuses for the ignorant even after I have paid my fair share of taxes to educate people on how to succeed! When does it ever end? I will tell you where it ends; it ends when private property and privacy are no more! Instead of Barrack pressing for universal socialistic health care he should be pushing to eliminate health insurance all together and make individuals responsible for their health. He also needs to clean up all the other failing government consumer affairs departments which do nothing but waste public monies before he creates another one!

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