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Comments made by Kiara2006

Worse Than War

Hello Aguisanda,

I am interested in your point of you. Could you be so kind as to elaborate further?
I am a naturalized American citizen. I know many illegal immigrants who are trying the hardest to make a living, escaping a situation of extreme poverty. They are good people without a better choice, longing to go back home to visit their families, yet the can not. I would be extremely unhappy and far less productive if I could not visit my family. However, I see the problem in Southern California. What should you and I do to promote a different and better understanding of this circumstance? "It take a good man not to do or say anything, for Evil to prevail".

Thank you,


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Worse Than War

I really appreciate this program. It was admirable and brave of Daniel Goldhagen to embark in this journey. I knew this reality yet it was lacking a presence quality. Now it is very real. I do love the sentence, we should act as if those people were "our daughter, son, sister, brother, mother or father". So simple, yet very powerful. Where can I buy the DVD?

Thank you,


ps: I agree with mr. the mass killing of indigenous population in the US requires and deserve its own documentary.

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