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Comments made by Kimberley

Electric Car Owners Miffed As SDG&E Revokes Low Rates

My husband and I experienced the exact same thing with our 2011 Nissan Leaf. We received a letter late last year stating that we could continue the preferential tiered rate structure through 2014. Because of the tiered rates offered, we did not move the car meter onto our solar grid. Then last month we were blind-sided with a very high bill and that was when we first found out our rates had more than doubled, going up to over $.73 per kWh at peak hours. If a class action is not viable, is there a state agency in which to register a complaint for breach of contract?

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Nathan Fletcher Signed Anti-Tax Pledge In 2007, Says He Would Not Sign It Now

The claim that he worked with the Governor to close the tax loophole favoring out of state corporations and costing the state billions is a farce. In 2009, he strongly supported this $2 billion corporate tax giveaway. When Governor Brown proposed closing the loophole in January 2011, Fletcher opposed it because the additional revenue would go to schools and to closing the budget deficit. Only when it was crafted as revenue neutral and Jon Fleishman of the Flash Report tweeted the following, “”Because the tax plan is revenue neutral, supporting it does NOT violate a no new taxes pledge.”, did Fletcher support it.

Many people do not know that Jon Fleishman is California's Grover Norquist. He has extracted similar pledges from CA Republicans, the most recent being last year when the Governor tried to extend temporary taxes to stave off more draconian cuts. All Republican legislators in San Diego County, including Fletcher, signed a pledge vowing not to allow their constituents to vote on a revenue extension measure. As you may recall, the Governor wanted to put it to a vote of the people, but this was blocked by the pledge-signing republicans.

Fletcher's claim that DeMaio is painting him as a liberal is not true. I just got a mailer from DeMaio and here are some direct quotes: "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"; "Nathan Fletcher voted for an all-cuts state budget that slashed social programs"; "Fletcher joined conservative Republicans in voting for an all-cuts budget that reduced K12 education by $3 billion a year, eliminated need-based child care, eliminated Welfare to Work for 500,000 families and 1 million children, reduced Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and cut $750 million for Medi-Cal." "Nathan Fletcher voted to slash classroom education spending by $14.5 billion." I could go on, but the point is that, despite the above claims, DeMaio is not portraying Fletcher as a liberal. Fletcher is consistent in one area - his deceptions!

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