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Comments made by KingSnake

The Impact of California's Biggest Tax Revolt

I think it's clear by some of these comments that generally people do not understand the specifics of Prop 13. For instance, some people think it only applied to properties purchased prior to 1978; others, like drjwtaylor for one don't understand that even though 92% of properties were purchase post-1978, those properties are still protected by Prop 13 in that -- say they bought a house for 150K in 1983 and now it's worth $750K -- they still pay tax based on the $150K. So it has limited funding.
In your show you need to list what Prop 13 does. For instance in this interview the "2/3 majority" is not explained -- just commented on that not many people know about it.
Also I agree with the people that it's important to understand how California spends its money and how it compares to other states and the impact in their education. Regarding the comment above about Belgium -- comparison to other countries is fine as long as it's really relevant. I'd venture to guess that Belgians pay much higher taxes than Californians, so that could have secondary impacts to education.
I'd like to see a chart reflecting California's annual spending per student (corrected for inflation) from 1970 through now -- does it really show a drastic dip in spending post Prop 13, or did the state make up for the spending lost via other measures. On top of that I'd like to see California quality of education (compared to other states) and/or Student scores. How related are the two?
Another interesting chart would be a PROJECTED annual spending per student based on property values had Prop 13 never passed and all the rules of 1977 applied; compared to the actual spending.
Lastly -- what I didn't hear is any discussion of the question on how/if Prop 13 affected California budgets in terms of did it really bring on all the "budget spending by Proposition" that seems to have shackled the state, or is that a fallacy.
Given the climate, no one will repeal any part of Prop 13 that would cause an increase in home OR business property taxes. People in this state never vote to raise their own taxes ... but maybe we could just repeal Prop 13 for smokers, those propositions always pass!

February 24, 2010 at 5:30 p.m. ( | suggest removal )