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Comments made by Kstreet67

Political Analysis: When Do Political Attacks Become Libelous?

I mentioned that I would submit proof about Sinclair suggesting that his (P)sychophants email Malia and Sasha Obama telling them about his alleged sexual and drug encounter with their father. Here is the text and the reference info.

"Now the NYT's feels it is important to address the drug use of persons not even

running for office and to attempt to gain information from underage children."

*(He's talking about the NYT contacting Megan McCain and asking her a


"Why doesn't someone email Obama's daughters and start asking them what they

think of their father using crack cocaine and engaging in gay sex with other

men while the oldest child was at home with her mom? Maybe the NYT's will ask

Michelle Obama how it feels to know that she lost out to another man rather

than another woman?"

From "Larry Sinclair/Barack Obama" Monday October 20, 2008 Posted: 3:43 p.m.

The blog is now defunct but the URL was:

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Political Analysis: When Do Political Attacks Become Libelous?

A telling indication of Sinclair's intimidation tactics is to always post people's full names and locations on the web and in his books. He really hopes that one of his supporters might find one of these people and perhaps do some harm to them. After all, what is the purpose of putting someone's name and location (and sometimes complete addresses) out there, just because that person disagrees with his statements?

He and his cohorts have threatened to burn on dissenter's house to the ground and actually put out her complete address with a photoshopped picture of her home burning. That is the mentality of Sinclair and his fellow bottom dwellers.

He is dangerous, vindictive and thinks that everything that MENTIONS his name is all about him. Forget that the above piece actually focuses on libel and public figures, he is so narcissistic that he believes that everything written about him that does not fawn over him like his lemmings write (see then its an all out war against that person or persons.

By the way, the three most aggregious things Sinclair has done was:

1. Call on his (P)sychophants to email Malia and Sasha Obama and tell them about their father's alleged "affair" with him. (I will research hisstatement and post it here when i find it.)

2. He actually phoned Mrs. Dunham, Obama's grandmother, when she was on her deathbed. He spoke to Maya and posted the recording of that conversation on his You Tube account.

3. Most recently he made a You Tube video where he fantasizes telling Malia and Sasha Obama about his alleged encounter with their father.

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Political Analysis: When Do Political Attacks Become Libelous?

Larry Sinclair is an habitual liar and will say anything that makes himself look good in a strangers eyes. Those who have followed his every move since Feb. 2008 know more about his lies and his death threats and attempts at intimidation just because we spoke out against his lies. He constantly uses fascistic tactics like the one above when someone speaks oyr against his lies. I have been speaking out against his lies for almost 2 years and all he can do is TRY and intimidate me and others, as well as "project" his terrible personality on to others, making THEM sound like what he really is.

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Political Analysis: When Do Political Attacks Become Libelous?

Louis stop being such a drama queen. I think you are the same louis that has supported Sinclair for a while and posts the same pro-Sinclair garbage on Free Republic.

A person can read information erroneaously and report it erroneaously. It does not mean its a lie. Its an error. Get over yourself and your dramatics. Makes you look "effite". Oh...I forgot...nevermind.

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Political Analysis: When Do Political Attacks Become Libelous?

I have also written about your article, which I thought was on point when it came to the legal points about libel.

However, as I stated on my blog as an "update":

UPDATE: In the interest of full disclosure, I have read the book and Ms. Penner’s account is not entirely accurate. The choir director’s name was Donald Young.

The NPC press conference that Ms. Penner says never took place, did in fact take place and Sinclair was arrested AFTER the press conference.

Please visit my blog for the actual links as well as a page dedicated to reviewing Sinclair's book back in August of this year.

My Blog:

Sinclair Book Review:

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