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Comments made by Kurtis

Reducing Traffic Congestion In North County

I would LOVE to use mass transit here in San Diego county, but find that it is very difficult, and time consuming. When are we getting the high speed rail and the tie in arteries necessary to make this a viable solution for commuters who like me, have to commute every morning from the Temecula area? I work in San Diego county and leave at staggered hours because of my vocation and have No alternative but to drive in my car....solo. Because of my different start times for work, I cannot join a carpool of any kind. The only carpool/vanpools that are offered are ones that are used by major employers in the north county. Hence, I commute to and from southwest Riverside County with tens of thousands of people who are in the same situation....ones who have no alternatives! Even if the rail line were eventually built, or bus lines were available, I would have to be able to transfer to possibly The Sprinter, and then another bus or trolley line to get to work off of Palomar Airport Rd. It would not be cost or time effective and my 50 minute commute would at least double, or triple! Moreover, when I was living in Carlsbad and tried to commute to Sorrento Valley, there was a 40 minute walk involved to get to the downtown Coaster station, as the "Commuter Connection" bus service had been discontinued by the North County Transit District (NCTD) who operates the Sprinter, Coaster and Bus Lines. After my train ride to Sorrento Valley, there was no option for buses to my business in a business park, therefore, another 30 minute walk! My 23 minute commute (on a non congested day on I-5) turned into a 2 hour mass transit experience...EACH WAY! In conclusion, San Diego needs to create and build out our mass transit system, like Washington D.C., and other east coast cities have done, in order for us commuters to decrease our carbon footprint on our part of the world.

June 19, 2010 at 7:44 a.m. ( | suggest removal )