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Comments made by KwameAlafKwayana

New Efforts To Combat HIV/AIDS Locally And Abroad

The element that is always missing from any conversation of HIV AIDS is the talk about the cure. Since the 1980's, Dr. Sebi and Maa have been curing lots of diseases that are considered incurable like sickle cell anemia, aids, lupus, herpes, etc. Dr. Sebi was arrested by the State of New York and charged with practicing medicine without a license and making fraudulent claims of curing AIDS. Out of over 2,000 other cases before the courts at that time, he was the only one that won. I would like to think that KPBS is different and that they would report on this if made aware. This is a real cure with no side effects. We still don't know the side effects of the South African vaginal cream this segment spoke about; it is a pharmaceutical after all, so it will have side effects, it's only a matter of time before we know what those are.

Maa's website is:

Dr. Sebi's website is:

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