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Comments made by LBCUCLA

Marijuana Shops Closing Amid Federal Crackdown

The reality of this situation is that the federal government is missing the big picture: The people of California do not want our state government wasting our resources supporting the marijuana prohibition. WE DON'T CARE IF PEOPLE USE POT! Everyone that voted for prop 215 realized what was going to happen. We're not idiots! Once we, and I do mean we the people of California, decided to allow marijuana to be tolerated for "Medical" use we knew it would allow greater access to the plant for "recreational" use. Everyone knew that using the term "medical" was just way to convince the right-wing conservative extremists to ease up on marijuana laws. Yes, it's true, there are hundreds of known medical uses for the plant, but that's not real issue here. The federal government is setting aside our state rights to ensure they don't look stupid. Everyone knows that keeping marijuana a schedule 1 drug is a mistake. This is a power game and the biggest bullies on the block are winning.
Lastly, who is Laura Duffy to decide what constitutes medical use?? Is she a trained physician with a strong understanding what ailments could be treated for by the use of medical marijuana? NO! She's a lawyer and a political puppet for for the federal government. People that use substances on a daily basis, more times than not, have medical issues. Maybe they're not terminally ill, under the technical definition, but they hurt and marijuana helps their pain. I suppose having them drink themselves into a alcohol induced coma is better? Most of the people that I have known to marijuana daily was because of some deep seeded personal ailment. It could be as simple as being rejected by their peers to severe parental abuse. Does it really matter?!?! Who are you, Laura Duffy, to tell anyone that the reason they use marijuana is anything other than making life just a little easier to cope with. Physicians diagnose and prescribe based on quality of life. YOU, Laura Duffy, are not qualified to determine if someone is suffering or using purely for "recreational" use. You are our representative and are supposed to support our state rights. We don't care about your opinion on recreational vs medical; let our trained physicians decide if someones quality of life, or lack thereof, requires "medication".

October 25, 2011 at 12:55 p.m. ( | suggest removal )