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San Diego's Downtown Library: Is It Now Or Never?

Article on the future of reading and why libraries are an integral part of this process (you can now check out e-books from your library online!):

In a large system such as ours, main branches support the work of the many suburban or neighborhood branches. They often serve as a central collection development (deciding what to buy & shelve) hub, technology center, etc. There are hundreds of public library systems in the US, and all of the larger ones have a main library. Most have been rebuilt, retrofitted, or remodeled in the last decade.

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San Diego's Downtown Library: Is It Now Or Never?

What does it say about our society when paying for a ballpark (and I'm a baseball fan!) is more important than building a center for learning and enlightenment? Am sorry to say that politicians don't always have the public's best interest in mind. The misdeeds of few should not be used against the next generation of citizens. We already have many issues in society--jobless rate at record highs, crime up, homes lost--let's build a place of hope & opportunity--and provide a safe place for kids to study!

Agree with previous post that trying to re-allocate funds to pay old debts is so unfair when this city so desperately needs a new downtown library. What better way to encourage kids than to offer a state of the art facility with all the latest technology? Also the area is so blighted that this new project could really help with re-development.

I support Mel and his work with the foundation and have 100% confidence that they will raise the remainder of the funds. The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation might be interested in our story. They have provided millions & millions to US libraries...

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