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Comments made by LaTyBr

Poway Unified Kids Can’t Attend New School Because Parents Didn’t Pay For It

Ms. Faryon, You mean, like roads that must be created and improved upon to lead to the new school that the Mello-Roos is already paying for? So those outside 6,14,or 15 aren't paying for that,either, but they still want it. I live in Poway but I want to attend Willow Grove in SantaLuz, another area with million dollar homes. I pay Mello-Roos, so according to those in CFD 9, I should be able to go there anyway, right? Weary of these special interests and their special lawyers who try to mow over the rest of us when they get news they don't like...

January 23, 2014 at 6:23 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Poway Unified Parents Want Answers About Who Gets A Seat At New School

Will anyone report a fact? There is a lottery for these seats at the new school. It is a school of choice. There are already schools of attendance for each of these families who pay Mello Roos in the Poway Unified School District.

There are approximately 3,000 students in 3 area schools who are in a lottery for about 900 seats. Not everyone who wants in will get in. Why do some people feel entitled to get a spot over someone in a qualifying CFD who is already in a lottery and has no guarantee to attend, either?

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Poway Unified Kids Can’t Attend New School Because Parents Didn’t Pay For It

But they don't pay extra funding. The story mentioned that the petitioners paid $2,300 for the year in Mellos Roos. The average house in that neighborhood, Salviati, (look it up on zillow or some other real estate site) costs 1 million dollars.

In CFD 6 (4S Ranch/Del Sur), the average house (also condos and apartments which CFD 9 does not have) is $700,000 and the Mello Roos on those homes are $4,200 and up.

CFD 9 is not paying extra at all.

Also, what people don't understand is that there is a lottery for about 900 seats. So, even if they are in the lottery, they are not guaranteed a spot. Or do they get their lawyers out and make the district give them spots over the other 3,000 kids in the lottery (from Monterey Ridge, Stone Ranch, and Del Sur elementary schools)?

There will be lots of kids in the eligible CFDs that will not get spots, regardless. What makes this group special?

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Poway Unified Kids Can’t Attend New School Because Parents Didn’t Pay For It

Actually, the name of the school is "Design39Campus". It was approved by the PUSD Board already. Or do the petitioners do not know this? The groundbreaking was May 2013. The community meetings began September 2013. Where were these people then?

Very good one-sided reporting. Also, did you know that these same members of this community (a gated community of million dollar homes called "Salviati in the Santa Fe Valley") are also funding lawyers to stop a church project that is going in next to their gated community because they feel it will block their view of "open space"? Look it up: 4S Santa Fe Valley Mega-Project Abatement Coalition

So, the moral of the story is, if you have enough lawyers, money, and million dollar homes, you can probably get what you want, laws or no laws.

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