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Comments made by LarrySinclair

Political Analysis: When Do Political Attacks Become Libelous?

JoeyMac, you continue to make these claims when in fact I am not under investigation for any such thing. I provide SSA with everything required by Law, and you are not entitled to any of that info and it continues to piss you off that you have been screaming this garbage for almost two years and its all just that garbage!

Have a nice life.

You apparently do not have access to as much as you claim you do, I will keep you guessing, but I still use the same SS# that you liars and frauds have used to illegally pull credit reports through businesses run by members of your group, and it is the same SS# I have had from the day it was assigned to me. When are you idiots going to get tired of posting these outright lies while calling someone else a liar????????????

Joke, Joke, Joke.

Good bye, I have a dinner date on a boat.

November 6, 2009 at 1:08 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Political Analysis: When Do Political Attacks Become Libelous?

Sheila, the NYT's did not contact Megan McCain, but had contacted a facebook friend (a minor) of Cindy McCains 15 year old daughter, and I will tell you again, just like was made clear on the original post, The question was NOT telling people to email Obama's daughters, but was a rhetorical question. You continue to rewrite to fit your argument, and that is why you people have failed at your efforts, because you do not know how to quote me or you insist on telling it the way you want it to sound.

Lets not forget your vulgar, racist, threat to drive to Duluth and kick my %^&* Fa*%^T a&^"

You and your little internet stalking group continue to re-write things and try to say what someone you have never met means, thinks, or is.... You are a joke.

November 6, 2009 at 1:01 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Political Analysis: When Do Political Attacks Become Libelous?

Sheila Bryant, you have just shown how much of a LIAR you are. No one threatened to burn any one's house down and the only photo-shopped photo of a house burning was the photo-shopped picture of MY home engulfed in flames that you though was "great", how soon you forget.

It is so funny to read the crap you and Lynne/Zen & Co post. You people are a joke, you claim all these things yet they are the very things each of you have engaged in non-stop as you yourself admit above.

You people continue to claim I am a LIAR but you have not been able to do anything but call me a LIAR, you have yet to prove a single lie. What is so funny is that I contacted KPBS over the "journalists" using exact comment posted by your little group and not being professional enough to actually read something that they went on air and called "defamatory". Posting your name Sheila is not an attempt to intimidate at all, its to simply confront your lies and criminal activity by name. You people are scared to death to become known to the point of registering the cess-pool via a proxy scam.

You people have not been about truth and all your posts and comments are due out in a new book in Feb 2010 that will show the world your little attack machine and "crying wolf."

November 6, 2009 at 12:51 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Political Analysis: When Do Political Attacks Become Libelous?

As I have stated earlier, all of Ms. Bryants "cesspool" associates have come to KPBS and started posting their same old tired attacks and lies. Ms. Bryant fails to admit her part in posting peoples names, addresses, phone numbers and even participating in the posting of comments telling senior citizens they will be paid visits by a black truck.

Ms. Bryant continues to make the totally false claim that I asked people to email Barack Obama's daughters. She does not know how to quote anyone that she has devoted two years of her life attacking.

As demonstrated by the comments posted here, with the false claims that I use multiple Tax ID numbers, etc...etc... they have demonstrated my point about Gloria Penner using comments posted by these very people in her statements. In fact it is Joeymac, Sheila Bryant, and their Piano Fraud leader Scott Covington who posted the comment Ms. Penner repeated about me having a "27 year criminal history with a speciality in crimes of deceit."

Thanks folks, you just proved my point.

The sites mentioned in my earlier post clearly demonstrate Ms. Bryants claim of simply disagreeing with someone a joke.

Have a wonderful day, and weekend San Diego, because these people are going to smell up this site for days.

November 6, 2009 at 12:32 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Political Analysis: When Do Political Attacks Become Libelous?

I expect to see yet more comments from Sheila Bryants cesspool of associates who are hardly the open minded, objective type she tried to portray in her above comment. Perhaps KPBS followers should read the real Kstreet67 aka Sheila Bryant of Lawrenceville, Georgia at and where they send out post cards made to appear as if they were sent out by crime stoppers, or where they solicit people being kidnapped and murdered, etc....Or the fact that Ms. Bryant scanned a copyrighted book on her computer and provided it to her associates who openly boasted of putting it on the internet to anyone who wanted to download it for free to keep sales down.....

November 6, 2009 at 7:38 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Political Analysis: When Do Political Attacks Become Libelous?

First, Mrs. Cavanaugh did make out-right false statements when she claimed "For awhile, the Obama campaign debunked each allegation of homosexual activity, drug use and murder made by Sinclair, but then decided not to acknowledge the unsubstantiated claims at all." The Obama campaign never debunked any allegation nor did the likes of Sheila Bryant, posting above as Kstreet67 and her little internet stalker unit.

Second: Gloria Penner has never even read my book, in fact after careful review of the above transcript Ms. Penner was using the press release that was received from the PR firm hired to do media publicity for the book. For Ms. Penner to make statements as to whether the book had a story line when she herself has not read the book only shows her bias.

Third: Ms. Penner did knowing lie in the above transcript and even made statements that she took from internet attacks posted on the internet and failed to inform her listeners that she was in fact repeating things she had read on the internet and that she had not in fact taken the time to verify them.

Ms. Bryant has come to post on this transcript as she and her group continue to this day, monitor every word I write and every twitter I post. What Sheila Bryant will not post here is her threats to physically attack other people, her racists comments, her attacks and encouraging others along with her cohorts to attack my under aged nieces & nephews, her foul mouth, her daily filing of false TOS complaints to have my accounts suspended etc...

I will state here what I stated to the Station Manager and in a voice mail to Ms. Penner: To knowingly make false statements on air and call yourself a journalist is unacceptable. If Ms. Penner and Ms. Cavanaugh wish to make statements about the Book Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder? they might want to actually read the book first, rather than scour the internet for comments that have repeatedly been demonstrated to be false and made solely in attempts to smear me.

I will not back down from the request for an on air retraction and apology, which both Ms. Cavanaugh and Ms. Penner owe in this case. I am also faxing a letter to the Station Manager requesting air time on KPBS to set the record straight on the misrepresentations made by these two women.

The point here is you have two people who claim to be journalist who have used their positions at Public Broadcasting funded with tax payer dollars to make out right untrue statements about an individual and a book that they took off the internet from comments made by Obama supporters, and without ever reading a single page of the book they slammed! At least read the book if you are going to make comments about it. I will be more than happy to send you both a copy at no charge.

November 6, 2009 at 7:37 a.m. ( | suggest removal )