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Comments made by LaurieSanderson

How Should Sups Spend $10 Million Fund?

I work for Classics 4 Kids, a small and incredibly effective nonprofit that relies on support from the Supervisors to keep our programs going for undeserved children in the county. With our constituency of young elementary school children, it is totally ridiculous to think that the Supervisors are getting any personal or political benefit from their support of these in-school arts-education programs. Programs like ours, that target underrepresented children, fly so far under the radar that the Supervisors are an ABSOLUTELY VITAL part of our funding. The Supervisors have the staff to look into and evaluate community programs that the general public is often unaware of. To me, the fact they continuously choose to include the low profile but effective programs like Classics 4 Kids shows how seriously they take responsibility of using these public funds. Thank you Supervisors Slater-Price, Horn, Roberts & Cox, for your commitment to the children of San Diego County.

March 5, 2010 at 10:41 a.m. ( | suggest removal )