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Comments made by LaustonOzonee



As always, the effort and sheer exuberance you bring to your work are much appreciated. I think many people don't realize the sacrifice required of a film critic. While a lay person can exit the theater simply liking what they've seen, and most do, in so much as we tend to only go see the sort of fare that interests us, the film critic doesn't get away quite so easily. You're expected to be conversant in the particular genre, the filmmaker's complete body of work, compare and contrast their effort with every other film ever made, form and defend a strong opinion, and then sit back and smilingly accept the snide comments regarding your powers of perception, dubious lineage, preferred attire and degree of socialization. A surprisingly difficult way to earn a living.

Now, as for Avatar, in a word stunning. Stunningly derivative, stunningly beautiful, stunningly over-hyped and stunningly unexpected. It's almost as though Walt Disney, while on acid, commissioned a mashup of The Jungle Book, Jeremiah Johnson, and Doctor Dolittle. No wonder you didn't care for this movie!

I would like to propose a thought experiment: Would you consider writing another review of Avatar, but do so as if in a vacuum? Disregard everything you know about James Cameron, empty your mind of past remembrances from other movies and pretend this was the first and only film you've ever reviewed. I'm genuinely how you would rate it on its own merits.

January 4, 2010 at 8:59 p.m. ( | suggest removal )