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Comments made by LeckerUndLustig

Study Says Prop. 23 Would Cause Calif. To Miss Emissions Goal

Renewable energy is the future of job creation, it would be the best thing we could do to create jobs. If we are to stay with the current situation, we stay with the current problems; polution, same amount of jobs, no job increase, just the same people working the same jobs. I can hear it now, parents explaning why polution was more important to fight for than the future of their children. Sorry Johnny, we needed jobs so we could not afford to change from dirty energy to renewable energy. Yeah, we had to drive SUVs because our egos could not fit into smaller vehicles. We had to have computers running night and day. Oh, well. Here is our gift to you children of the future, ignorance.
Coal is what turns out lights on, the fuel mix is mostly coal. Heavy metals are in coal, producing particulate matter (PM) when it is burnt to produce electricity. We breath that PM, it falls on the ground, we drink the water that comes from rivers, we eat the meat of animals that eat the grass for which PM lands on. Very small amounts of heavy metal causes neurological disorders.
I hope that other people read this because my hope is that you love the children of the future enough to suck up your pride and make a difference.
I now drive a smartcar, I turn off lights in empty rooms, I use energy saver everything, I live in a small home (electricity bill no higher than $20.00 a month), I recycle, it has taken me years to change. I love being care free, but I love children more. God bless the future of job creation and children.

October 4, 2010 at 11:36 p.m. ( | suggest removal )