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Comments made by LeftBehindParent

Child Abductions By Parents Into Mexico Rising

@ LeftBehind_Grandparents

Mr. & Mrs. Richardson, with all due respect, if you are relying on our government and the Mexican government to return Andrew on their own you are going to be in for a great disappointment. The statistics speak for themselves and you are not taking them very seriously. The Hague is a dismal failure in Mexico...ZERO children have been recovered in Mexico under the Hague...ZERO.

There are other ways to get Andrew back. I have some knowledge of Trevor's situation none of those other options have been pursued. Every stone has to be over turned...every one. You can accomplish a lot more going down the private route than you will with Uncle Sam's route.

Congressman Smith has been working his rear end off to help, no doubt. If you have read David Goldman's book you will know exactly how he has been involved. I applaud the monumental effort. However even he has met major opposition along the way. Ask yourself this...what assurances do you have that HR 1940 is going to work? How exactly is this going to ensure the return of our kids, even in Mexico? Remember, "paper tigers"...all bark and no bite...that is the view Mexico has of the United States. Sadly, they are right.

So, now what?

I have been living and breathing this 24/7 for the last 3-years; I know this is a horrible time. Andrew has been gone longer than my daughter. Putting pressure on Andrew's mother privately will give Trevor much needed access to his son. Not to mention, keep her contained and on the defensive. Believe me, under stress and pressure she will crack and do so in stunning front of judges no less. The one thing Trevor has going for him is that he's a father fighting for his son in Mexico. Let's face it Mexico is the number one deadbeat father country in North America if not the planet. They love nothing more than to see father's fight for their kids.

My point is, you start this process privately and you will be surprised how many people down there will open doors for you. I am not blowing smoke...I am speaking from experience. I have gone down the road of the falsly accused and spent time in prison down there for it and I have not waivered...not for a second. In fact, that seems to have been the big break I needed to make the strides necessary to see this to the end.

Andrew needs you all. I am here to help in anyway I can.

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Child Abductions By Parents Into Mexico Rising

First off I want to give a heart felt thank you to Ruxandra and Neal for their work on this story. It is an ugly topic but one that needs to be addressed over and over again until there are better laws both domestically and internationally to prevent this from happening to our children. Child abduction in any form is child abuse. Plain and simple. The notion that a parent can actually abduct their own child in incomprehensible to most of us. Even I was ignorant to the plight until it happened to me.

The laws are very specific...when a child is wrongfully taken or retained by a parent, the term parental kidnapping is appropriate. Because child kidnappings are also frequently committed by other family members, the term family abduction more accurately describes the action. When a parental kidnapping occurs, the government may pursue criminal process against the abductor if a criminal law violation has occurred. Law enforcement, prosecutors, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are part of the criminal-justice system. The left-behind parent’s lawyer and family court are part of the civil-justice system. The left-behind parent, with or without the help of a lawyer, may use the civil-justice system to prevent an abduction or recover an abducted or wrongfully retained child. It is important to understand that both criminal and civil remedies can be sought at the same time.

Mexico did sign the Hague Treaty...but to date has yet to recover a single child that was brought to Mexico illegally. Not one. Their court systems are inadequate; lacking resources for recoveries among other things. Corruption throughout the system can bog down cases for years. I have seen it first hand. Mexico still acts like this is the Wild Wild West where possession is 9/10ths of the law.

The United States is not without blame here. We are known as "paper tigers" in the Latin America countries where child abductions are most prevalent...all bark and no bite. I have had to fight a bigger battle domestically than in Mexico because I did not drink from the Hague Kool-Aid. The State Department is divided on whether or not to pursue the State Department contact told me it would be a waste of time in Mexico and even add years to the process. On the other hand if you don't pursue a case with the Hague, Federal support is almost non-existent - in fact they will go out of their way to make sure you do not have access to certain services.

And so it goes...

I applaud Ruxandra, Neal & KPBS for shining a bright light on this topic. The question is, how do we keep the light on so Washington will get off their <fill in the blanks> and stop treating our children like sacrificial lambs for the "greater political good".

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