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San Diego City Council Puts Medical Marijuana To A Vote

@JeanMarc. Peking Duck didn't say that 98% of medical marijuana users are gaming the system. SDReefer did. There surely are people getting marijuana under false medical premises, but probably not as many as you think, given the wide range of problems, physical and psychological, it can help, a list that is growing with research. To expand on PD's point: If, say, 50% of those using prescription medications were found not to really need them, would you advocate closing pharmacies, drastically reducing their number and/or placing them at a far distance from those who need medications? It's not as though marijuana were guns, or liquor or driver licenses, where those who obtained them extra-legally could pose a danger to themselves or others. (But let's not revive the horse of the dangers of marijuana. That horse, if not dead, has been given last rites.)

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24 Indicted In Massive San Diego Sex-Trafficking Case

Yeah, Mmikey, why bother with trials and all that Constitutional stuff?

January 9, 2014 at 12:16 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Creation Museum Denied Membership By San Diego Museum Council

KPBS. Does no one monitor Comments? Is someone like 123emaile allowed to post virtually without limits? Others tire of seemingly endless scrolling and give up looking for more commen ts.

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San Diego Man Faces Felony Charge Over Trimming Shrubs

@RLA. "Homeless" does not equal "bum" to those who are aware of the economy. That the government provides fewer services and protections can be laid at the feet of those who would, for example, rather shut down the government--at a cost to the economy of $24 billion--rather than cooperate to make it work.

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As Miramar Landfill Fills Up, San Diego City Council To Consider Zero Waste Initiative

@Anon11. That is not a "documentary," "mini" or otherwise. It is Penn (of Penn and Teller), in an episode of their TV show "B**lS**t," spouting his ultra-libertarian views. He cherry-picks his examples, ignores proven, well-documented studies that oppose his views, provides bluster instead of rational discourse. He and Teller are superb magicians and debunkers of "psychics" and other frauds, but he is as silly as Ron & Rand Paul politically.

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Shot Delays: Alternative Vaccine Schedules Mean Fewer San Diego Students Are Fully Immunized

@Jasonfleischer. Your points are correct, though Ms Trageser doesn't think so. There is a stupid belief in non-print media (mostly) that equal time/attention must be given to both sides of a matter, though one of them is absurd/disproved. One fully expects to find on an astronomy discussion that equal time is given to those insisting the earth is flat. (Well, it hasn't come to that, but close.) I suggest not considering KPBS-produced programs as reliable and factual. They vary from "everything has two sides" to "there is only one side." In the latter have been interviews about oil that had only a representative of that industry, a similar one about California electric power. Many times, it is apparent the host and/or producer has not done his/her homework.

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San Diego Plastic Bag Ban Moves Forward

@Muckapoo. " Remember: the Green party is the new home for the Commies." Both of them, or just one?
@CalDefender. Bags are not free. They are part of the cost of doing business, reflected in the prices we pay. (Not that stores will pass on the savings if plastic bags are outlawed."
Just a bit off topic: California must pocket most of the "deposit" charges for bottles. I've not been able to find a convenient place ro turn them in for a refund. I can't find that the deposit "profits" are earmarked for environment Does anyone know if there's such a provision, or does the money go into the general fund. It dates me, but I recall when stores were required to accept empties and refund deposits. (It was in NY, I don't know what the history is in Cal.) For many a kid, findings and turning in bottles were a source of cash for moviea, ice cream, and other essentials.

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The Women Who Accused Filner Talk About Coming Forward

@Carlos. That's mighty nice of you. Up it enough to cover what Daves and I won't be paying. Thank you.

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Third Woman Comes Forward In Filner Harassment Scandal

@Caldefender. Were you being sarcastic when you wrote, "Abuse of women is tolerable IF you are a Democrat. Just look at Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer if you need additional evidence."?
Because, yes, LOOK at Weiner and Spitzer. Each had to resign and leave government. Is that your idea of Democrates tolerating abuse of women?

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Filner: Fast-Food Chain's Remodeling Project Too Far Outside The Box

@benz72 That's why there are planning commissions and permits. What part of this do you not understand? "The company originally wanted to tear down and completely rebuild the facility but those plans were denied by the city's Planning Commission."

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